Brief Introduction

Game animation is one of the most technical and popular fields today. It requires sound programming skills, a strong understanding of technical knowledge, having know-how about the computer science involved, and the ability to combine art and technology. With the rise in popularity of animated video games, the demand for game animators has also gone up.

The main aim of a game animator is to make the characters in the game move in accordance with the art directors’ direction and game designer’s layout. Usually, video games are animated, keeping in mind the player’s perspective. That is to say, the game animation is done in a way the player expects the game and its characters to play out.

Evolution of Gaming Animation

The first animated video games were launched in the 1980s. Donkey Kong, Mario, and Pac Man are some examples of the very first video games launched. The animation in these games was only as good as moving straight forward in one direction or making single movements.

However, the future of gaming animation took an interesting turn in 1987 when the game ‘The Legend of Zelda’ was launched. The characters of the game were animated intelligently, allowing them more space to move and perform more than one action at one time. Thus, the launch of ‘The Legend of Zelda’ pushed gaming animation into an era of continuous improvement.

In the 1990s, more games came out with improved animated features such as Super Mario 64 and Metal Gear Solid. The characters now moved around in the game more smoothly. Additionally, they moved in other directions as well in contrast to the earlier video games, which had one-directional movement.

In the 2000s, video games like PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, Tekken 5, and Grand Theft Auto 3 were released. All of these games consisted of improved animation and introduced mind-blowing animated features.

Characters could play, run, hide, move around, drive, fight, and perform all the tasks smoothly as per the games’ requirements with remarkable efficiency. This time period saw the launch and bloom of 2D, and 3D animation effects and these video games found fans across the borders in all parts of the world.

From 2010 and onwards, the animation in video games became better yet. The new technological advancements combined with colorful arts and a good storyline left a far-reaching psychological impact on the players’ minds. From a mere fantasy to drawing players into the world of virtual reality, the journey of animation in video games has been a long and impressive one.

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Incorporation of Gaming Animation into Online Casino Games

The current scenario for the gaming industry is that it is doing well and has brighter prospects for the future. With the launch of fantasy sports, e-sports, and online gaming zones and websites worldwide, animation has become an integral part of the gaming industry. Not just ordinary sports but also sports that involve betting and are hosted by gambling websites, too, are reaping the benefits of incorporating animation into their sports.

Modern-day casinos have also incorporated the art of gaming animation to their online gaming designs in order to make casino games more fun and interactive to play. There are many online betting websites that allow players to enter the field of these virtual games, and one such website is.

The 888casino website offers its players an honest and transparent environment for playing games with no cheating. The safety of monetary transactions is of prime concern and ensured.

In addition to all of it, the intelligently designed games with intricate animations serve as the cherry on the top. Once you put your money in a game, you are sure to derive hefty value out of it, and you are bound to return to play again. So go online and start playing your favorite games.

Difference between Movie Animation and Gaming Animation

Animation, in general, is not just limited to games. It has been incorporated into the film industry too. However, there is a lot of difference between movie animation and gaming animation despite the fact that they both use the same set of tools to start with.

Animation in movies and feature films is easier than animation in games, to begin with. Animation in movies is one-directional, and the animators need not worry about angles other than the ones being focused on. Additionally, the audience of movies is passive and does not really have much to do except for sitting down and watching the show.

The audience of video game animation is active players who take part in the game. They are the ones who direct and control the characters’ movements in a game by merely pushing a button. This makes a huge difference in the ways these two media are animated.

One is animated in a way that captures audience attention and keeps them hooked on to it, and the other is animated in a way that allows players the maximum engagement. The excitement as though they are ones playing on the field with the help of remote buttons needs to be elicited by adding such animated effects.

Though one thing is common in both the animated media: the art of storytelling and the art of making people relate to the characters at a personal level is all that it takes to make a game or movie heart favorite of everyone.

Cons of Gaming Animation

While gaming animation has brought much revenue to the industry and provided an outlet for minds with a vivid imagination who love to play these games, there are some setbacks too. One of them is the fact people get addicted to non-stop gaming and, thus, develop psychological issues.

However, many gaming websites do offer counseling and advice to players on how to control their addiction to playing online games and betting. Other than that, the lifestyle of a video gamer becomes quite sedentary if their routine is not balanced intelligently.

In order to deal with the negative consequences of non-stop video gaming, it is always useful to make a timetable and allocate a certain patch of time for playing these masterpieces: otherwise, one gets drawn into their magical world and loses the sense of time.