GemPundit, an online marketplace for fine gemstones, has just launched three new exclusive product lines. These include unique brooches, earrings, and engagement rings—all inspired by the beauty of gemstones and designed to be as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

Each of these pieces is perfect for any occasion: whether you’re looking for something to wear at work or on a night out with friends, the online store has what you need. 

Here are some stunning options you can find with the new launches on the website. 

Gemstone Brooches

These stunning pieces make an elegant statement and are sure to turn heads. They’re also great conversation starters, so be prepared to have a lot of fun when you wear one of these beauties.

The new collections feature a range of brooches, from half-moon, patterned pieces to Victorian curve patterns and everything in between.

The line also features spiked accents, starburst designs, dream eyes, as well as mosaics and art deco fleur delis pieces. It also includes a rhombus, pixel, floret, and connecting bars.

Gemstone brooches are a timeless accessory and make the perfect gift for any occasion. They’re the perfect accessory for any outfit, whether you’re looking to add some flair or simply want to brighten up a boring top. 

GemPundit brooch collection includes everything from colorful gemstones to textured, geometric pieces that are sure to make all eyes turn your way. You can buy them in gold, rose gold, or sterling silver, and the brooches are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit every occasion.

Gemstone Earrings

GemPundit’s collection of gemstone earrings includes everything from chunky studs to more delicate drop designs. These new designs are based on the concept of the “minimalist,” and they feature a contemporary interpretation of the classic earring styles.

Each design features a single stone that has been carefully selected and cut to ensure it is balanced and symmetrical. With diamonds surrounding the center stone, these earrings are sure to sparkle and shine. The collection includes studs that feature a range of stones, including blue topaz, opal, amethyst, pink topaz, and tanzanite.

Set in metals like sterling silver, gold, or Panchdhatu, these earrings are perfect for both casual and dressy occasions. The earrings are available in a range of different cuts, including round, cushion, and pear. This allows you to choose the style that best suits your face and personality. From halo setting to prong setting and pave setting, there are many different styles to choose from in this collection. 

Classy Engagement Rings with Coloured Gemstones

Engagement is a special moment in your life when you and your partner get engaged. This is a time to celebrate and show off your love for each other by choosing the perfect engagement ring to symbolize your union. Colorful gemstone rings from GemPundit are the perfect way to show off your love. 

The collection includes engagement rings with gemstones in classic shapes and colors that are suitable for any occasion. The designs range from simple to intricate, so you can choose a style that suits your tastes. This collection is perfect for anyone who wants a beautiful engagement ring without going overboard on bling.

Featuring stones like yellow sapphire, tanzanite, topaz, emerald, and blue sapphire, these rings are sure to make a statement. The designs feature classic shapes like round, oval, and pear set in the halo, pave, or prong settings to give you all the options you could want for an engagement ring. 

You can choose from rings with just one stone or multiple stones set in pave settings that will catch the light when you move your hand around. They can also be customized with engraving or other customizations to make them truly special. 

Choose from solitaire settings, three-stone settings, or even five-stone settings for an elegant piece of jewelry that will be treasured forever.

With these new launches, GemPundit is redefining the standards for luxury gemstone jewelry and showing that there is much more to choose from than just traditional diamonds. If you are looking for something unique and different, then these new designs will be worth exploring. Visit the company’s website to get a complete glimpse into these exciting new launches.