BUMIPUTRA (CC0), Pixabay

Are you looking to buy a mattress? If so, there are two things you simply must consider. First, don’t settle for anything less than a quality mattress. Second, if you’re going to invest in a really good mattress, be sure to get the size you need. And while most people think they know whether they want a Twin, Full, Queen, or King-sized bed, they aren’t always happy with their choice. Here’s how to make sure you get the right size the first time you try.

Number of People and Pets

Before you start your search for a bed mattress for sale, think about what size of a quality mattress you need to accommodate everyone who uses the bed. That means adults, children, and even pets who rest on the bed regularly.

Some parents prefer to have a smaller bed to discourage children from climbing into bed with them. Others take a family bed approach, allowing their children to join them in bed whenever they like. And if your pets sleep on the bed, don’t forget to include enough space at the foot for them, too. A California King mattress has lots of space at the foot, and a standard King is 76 inches wide, allowing plenty of room for extra sleepers such as children.

Size of Mattress Users

The size of the people and pets who use a quality mattress will determine what size works best for them. Take height, for instance. If you or your sleeping partner is under six feet tall, you probably won’t have trouble stretching out on any size of bed. However, if one or both of you is over six feet tall, you’ll probably be happier with an 80-inch-long King-size bed or an 84-inch-long California King bed. If you have a teenager who is exceptionally tall, a Twin XL would probably be best. Also, consider whether you are thin or heavier than average.

Sleeping Habits

How you sleep is just as important as how large you are when choosing a quality mattress. Some people always sleep curled up in a ball. If everyone who uses the bed has this habit, you may get by with a smaller bed, such as a Queen-size or even a Full-size bed. If you like to stretch, you’ll need a larger and longer bed. However, some people sleep differently on different nights. If you like to stretch sometimes and curl at others, play it safe. Go for an affordable mattress for a Queen, King, or California King bed.

Size of Room

Of course, when you order a mattress online, you’ll want to be sure it fits in your room with enough space left over to move around. Once you know where to buy a good mattress, check the dimensions of each option you’re considering. Then, measure your room to be sure you have at least 24 inches of space around the two sides and foot of the bed.

It’s always important to buy a high-quality mattress. But it’s just as vital to choose a mattress that’s the right size for all the sleepers and the room. Choose your mattress size carefully so you and every person and pet that uses it can feel cozy and comfortable.