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In our advancing generation, why not try and take Bitcoin as one of your investments in earning money? If you are wondering, Bitcoin is a trading platform wherein you can buy and sell digital money to earn cryptocurrencies.

What people earn here is called “Cryptocurrencies.” It can also be labeled as “digital money,” “virtual money,” “the future money,” and the likes.

This started after “Satoshi Nakamoto” developed the software earlier in 2009. He wanted to create a platform where we can freely and easily send money across the globe to our peers. And as time passed by, Bitcoin got more recognition. “Nakamoto” rearranged the software, and this now works as a trading platform in the cryptocurrency network.

“Satoshi Nakamoto” is only a pseudonym of the developer, and he has yet shown his identity in public.

Earning money here in Bitcoin is simple. You will only need to register and sign up for an account; once done, you can now proceed to trade bitcoins. Though its process is simple, great pressure lies ahead. Upon trading, the software will ask you to make decisions, and you have to make sure that you choose the best option among all of them. Moreover, they want it done fast. If you think you are done, the software will bring more for you to choose from.

It can be very tiring to use your brain in those types of situations, and the amount of pressure put by the software to let you finish quickly in deciding something can surely give themselves the benefit of the doubt with our abilities. Surely, in this platform, the experience is much needed.

If you are having a hard time, you can always search the internet for sites that can help you. Some people have developed software mainly to help people from the cryptocurrency network. One that comes to mind for me is the

Softwares like them are called automated bots. They will be working for you and earn money for you. Since they are bots, they were developed in having no emotions or whatsoever. They cannot be pressured and can even match up with the software’s demands. It is said that its work ranges up to 98% accuracy and can even do its job all day long.

Another bot that can help you in earning money is “miners.” Their work is different from what you know of mining, though. These bots will try to guess a number, and if they have managed to answer the correct “target hash,” then you will be receiving a reward. The first one to answer will be the only one to get the award.

Purchasing and Selling Bitcoins

The first thing that you will need to do when planning on buying a bitcoin is getting yourself a digital wallet. This is where your hard-earned cryptocurrencies will be stored and can be spent in the near future. Since banks do not support the cryptocurrency industry, this is the only way for you to keep your digital money.

The wallet surely cannot guarantee your safety as many can easily hack through a phone, and without proper security, you may even end up as one of its victims. If you do not trust yourself with securing your wallet, there are a variety of groups that can assist you in storing your digital money.

With our improving society, there are already crypto automated teller machines (ATM) available here that allow you to purchase bitcoins with actual cash. The machine will need to scan your QR code, and once it has detected your wallet, you will see your address appear on the screen of the machine. A receipt will be printed out, and that will tell you how many bitcoins you have purchased using local currency. Take note, cost of one bitcoin can differ from time to time.