With the arrival of the holiday period, people are looking for a place different from their place of residence to spend a few quiet, fun days away from the stress and routine. But what happens when you want a more permanent change in life?

In this case, when, for example, you are considering retiring to a foreign country, Spain is one of the preferred and most welcome options. Due to their proximity to Spain and since the approval of the Brexit law, British citizens are increasingly “addicted” to staying in Spain for longer than just a holiday.

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And what makes Spain different from the rest of the destinations? It is well known that the Spanish territory is one of the main options for traveling, whether on holiday, for business, etc. But it is also true that, for some years now, many people have been choosing Spain as a country in which to spend more than just a holiday, i.e., a place where they can start a new life.

Spain offers many possibilities for the whole family, and above all for retired people who have entered a new stage in their lives in which they are looking for peace, tranquillity and, after all, a different kind of life. In Spain, you will have the opportunity to choose a beautiful and calm city or town to enjoy yourself.

If you want to travel to Spain and obtain a residence permit to stay in the country for some time, the Golden Visa is the best option. This permit allows you, and even your family members if they meet the age requirements, to live and work legally in Spain without having to visit the country more than once a year. In addition, this visa also allows you to move freely within the Schengen Area.

If you come to Spain, we can apply in your name and on your behalf directly by electronic means for your Residence Permit, and you obtain it while you are in Spain. This residence permit is aimed at all citizens outside the European Union who decide to move and live in Spain.

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The main requirements go through the same process as any non-citizen of the European Union. For example, you will have permission to remain in any country without a visa for 90 days within 180 days. But if you desire to extend your stay, you will probably need to obtain a visa related to the conditions under which you have entered the country.

As a Briton, you must apply to receive a residence visa, and the most common are the Golden visa and the Non-lucrative visa, which all depend on your capital. You can find more information on My Spain Visa.