2019 was a spectacular year for the Cryptocurrencies market. It is the world’s best-performing asset class, and more and more investors have started taking notice of it.

After coming onto the scene in 2008 with the introduction of Bitcoin, cryptos have become a thriving class. In 2019, they have given better returns than leading asset classes, like equities, commodities and bond markets. Sentiments for cryptos were not that positive at the start of the year but post-March things started changing. Much of the growth credit goes to Bitcoin which has almost doubled in a year’s time. Exchange rates of BCH to BTC or Ethereum to Bitcoin has also done well, along with Ripple Bitcoin and many others.

Post the financial crisis of 2008, Bitcoin was created with an objective to bypass the banks and government agencies involved. Initially, it was quite slow to breakthrough due to frauds, a slew of scandals and scams that turned away investors and it was brought under closer scrutiny. But after it has burst into the mainstream, it has proven to be the best-performing asset of the decade.

Projections for the next decade are mostly positive. In the 2020s, it is likely that mass adoption will take place. Blockchain technology will be used by the common man and it will solve many problems in the world. In addition to that, regulatory scrutiny is expected to become more stringent, with governments paying more attention than ever before.

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Experts predict that 2020 will be less volatile given the upcoming halving of Bitcoin, whereby the number of coins awarded to the miners who process transactions will be cut by 50%. The previous cut of Bitcoin happened about four years ago, which resulted in its price increase, which makes many crypto experts believe in a repeat. The introduction of more stable coins will also aid in making the industry less volatile.

The success of the Crypto asset class can be attributed to numerous different factors. Due to high volatility and liquidity, crypto holders can trade between digital and fiat currencies seamlessly. Quick payments across borders have filled an important gap in the market. As the market matures further, we will see supportive regulations and better stability.

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