The explosion of the Coronavirus outbreak has forced every single industry in the world into a partial or total shutdown. Leagues, Sportsbooks, and punters are no exception, with millions of them losing their jobs.

The situation has been a dreadful chain reaction. The great majority of sportsbooks retailers are closed because of the quarantine leaving bookies, employers, and punters without a job or workplace, thus, and resorting to what is next online sportsbooks.

But with every major sports league event canceled or suspended until 2021 or further notice, Online sportsbooks are narrowed to resort to literally whatever they can find to keep afloat their business.

The Сards Are on the Table

Without the mainstream sports leagues to offer any action, the whole sportsbooks industry is expected to face a loss revenue of 30m per month. The massive migration of customers to other options like casinos and poker rooms forces bookies that take credit cards to become very open-minded in their offerings if that keeps their customers and money flowing.

The Underdogs Return

Japanese baseball, table tennis, eSports, where once novelties crack a laugh among punters and raise eyebrows on bookies hunting for arbers.

Today, there are the bread and butter for punters and online bookies who are now in the same boat scanning for every performance stat over players, teams, and league insiders to have an edge one over another.

Eastern sports leagues like the very unknown Belarus soccer league, is now being promoted as it was the Premier’s Championship, filling all the blanks that they once left. The same is being replicated with Japanese baseball and any sport that still allows players to be physically surrounded by a crowd of empty seats.

Esports matches were becoming popular before the quarantine. As a stable supply for events as matches does not require physical contact from its participants, bookies are now behind them like paparazzis on celebrities to the point (like their tabloid counterparts) they are making players and organizers feeling uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, no matter how many bookies scrap ports events, these aren’t enough to keep a steady offer so other options are considered.

A Twist of Taste

who is going to be the next pope? is Phillip Mishra finally being openly gay in the October faction? Once the questions of regular citizens are now the odds of serious bettors.

Novelties’ bets were usually in exchange with particulars offering lays on niches markets like politics, entertainment gossip, now becoming more and more into consideration with big-name online sportsbooks offering late-night entertainment sections in their offerings.

News is no exception and lockdown times eventually might become our Netflix with major entertainment studios shutting down. Each topic and its infinite outcome for bookies and units are a perfect and valid opportunity to make a bet.

Exchange markets, as the realm of the uncommon niche betting, has become·becoming more “creative”· with wild options like nitrogen dioxide levels, future pleasure cruising travels, literally everything, in a desperate race to provide odds.

But if we have to choose a winner, weather betting comes number one, showing how desperate an industry is deflated to 5-10% of its previous size.

Into the Dark

With all the legit industry reaching new boiling levels underneath the surface, shady operators are also suffering the shortage of offers. However, they don’t take second guesses in what makes disturbing odds concerns.

Covid-19 has become the main event worldwide as we, unfortunately, are participating in it. With the alarming numbers of infections casualties worldwide and by the nation it was a matter of time for someone to capitalize it.

The New Paper, from Singapore, exposed how gambling sites not on GamStop are targeting punters from around the world to bet over everyday casualties tolls.

Dr. Winslow one of the interviewed sources clearly ” some of them may see this as adding to the thrill so they will “bet on deaths, or when a serial killer will be caught, a lot of strange things”.

Although not open-faced like illegal sites, bookies are also making their odds on related outcomes. For better or for worse, if someone makes a bet, definitely someone else will take it.

One Last Shot

Currently, a third of the world population is under lockdown and numbers are still growing. The sportsbook industry is facing what could be their most busy years as markets continue to fade like their multi-millionaire earnings.

But, with a demand still craving for its odds, it is not difficult to compare the current situation with the prohibition era in the USA. When people didn’t mind where that bathtub gin came from, as long was enough to indulge another round.