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SEO Consultant

Have you ever wondered to see certain websites on the top of your search result page when you look for something online? Maybe you did and the next moment you asked yourself why this site and why not the others? If you search for a product online, you may find a top brand on the top of your search result, does it mean they are at the top because they are the market leader? This isn’t necessarily applicable when we talk about the online search result. Organizations can put lots of money on their promotional activities offline and make products visible to the customers, they can do the same online but that doesn’t attract people as an organically ranked site does. Here comes the need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done by professional digital marketing agencies like The below points describe how important SEO is for the success of a website –

  1. Organic Web Traffic:
    When you search for something online, you see two types of search results, ads and a list of sites ranked by the search engine. When an organization shows its site through paid ads it’s like they are trying to forcibly get the users to enter their site and browse for information or products. That is why sites ranked by the search engine get more traffic than the sites appearing in the advertisement section. can help you to optimize your site for search engines that can bring more organic web traffic to your site.
  2. Trust & Credibility:
    The previous point touched this one a bit. An organically ranked site would definitely have better trust and credibility than a site that appears in the ads section of a search result page. Through SEO, marketers build a clean website that gives an effective user experience with easily discoverable in search attributes. Many elements of SEO like this build user trust and credibility that ultimately lead to establishing authority regarding search engines like Google. Authority on a search engine can lead the site to become a powerful brand in the field.
  3. Increased Conversion Rate:
    As discussed earlier, SEO helps to rank a site organically that produces more genuine traffic who are seriously looking for some specific information or product. The various techniques of SEO like local SEO increase the engagement of the user with the site and therefore increases the rate of conversion. Here conversion rate means the number of people who ultimately extracts values from the site making payment. The more the rate of conversion, the higher the chances of business.
  4. Understand the Web Environment:
    Understanding SEO will help you a lot to get how the World Wide Webworks. Keeping pace with the change of the Web might be challenging but staying on top of SEO will make sure your site’s presence in the loop of the major changes taking place for search. When you will be acquainted with the web environment and understand the tactics of other businesses including your competitors, it will always be beneficial for you.
  5. Less Cost, Chances of Higher Sell and Profit:
    In this digitized world, more and more people are turning online so do businesses to ensure steady growth of the organization. For that reason, we used to see companies spending hundreds of dollars to get their products or services to appear before the targeted customers. But if you want your site to be ranked against a search term and optimize that accordingly, it will take a lot of effort that’s true but less costly than the conventional ways of advertising. As more people are turning to online, it increases your chances to sell more and make a higher profit.
  6. A long-term strategy:
    If you want to reach your targeted people in conventional ways, it will take time, cost, and effort to be in the mind of the people for some time. That’s why most of the established brands broadcast or show advertisements continuously as the impact of those promotions is short. They can do it as they have a high selling rate and profit margin and they are the market leader! For you, SEO can have an impact noticeably in the first year and the impact will serve your organization for several years.
  7. Visible Result:
    If you are using a conventional way to reach your targeted people, it will be very difficult for you to measure how many people you managed to reach and how many of them eventually served your purpose. But through SEO, you will see the result in numbers that will make the impact visible to you and give you the directions to improve the operation of your organization to get a better result.
  8. Better Visitor Experience:
    An optimized page will always be serving the web traffic with the right information, navigability, and many more that will lead the person to a better user experience and a repetitive visit to the site.
  9. Being Ahead of Competitors:
    Your presence on the top of search engine result pages will definitely keep you ahead of your competitors if you can increase the engagement and rate of conversion. Better user experience will drive your competitors’ traffic to your site and increase the chances of your higher business.
  10. Gradual Growth of Business:
    The growth of an organization depends on the right management, financials, promotional activities, and most importantly a product or service that leads to increased sales. Creating and improving the relationship between web traffic or visitors and the business, SEO will ultimately help your business to grow and give an edge over the competition.

It’s true that having a good impact through SEO will serve you for a longer period than the impact you can get by engaging your audience with other means but that shouldn’t stop your effort when your site ranks. Your site should always be on the top of the changes whenever search engines release new guidelines. There is a proverb that out of sight gets things out of mind, the success of a site will remain as long as you can get it ranked through SEO. If you want to hire a professional digital marketing agency in Toronto, is there standby for you.