Mostly, gambling has been considered a male thing, whether online or on land-based casinos. However, this is a changing trend because nowadays, even women are slowly getting into it. Most of these women aged below 35 years are switching their phones and computers to play their favorite slot.

Consequently, there is a growing need for online casinos to change their tactics. Nowadays, they not only need to make their casinos available for men but also favorable for women who would like to play. As such, they are creating casinos with features that attract women and marketing them.

However, the question has always been why women are turning into online casinos in huge numbers. Well, the notion that casinos are a male thing has created a stigma for any woman that visits a land-based casino. Therefore, women find it easy to gamble from the comfort of their homes rather than deal with this stigma.

Also, there is a distinct difference between male and female gamblers. Male gamblers want to take part and win while women want to network with fellow players from all over the world. Women believe networking will help them get tips and increase their chances of winning.

As a result, casinos are now changing their conventional ways of advertising. Previously, you would find casino adverts with scantily dressed women, but that has changed in modern online casinos. The adverts are more appealing to broader demographics.

How do casinos market to women?

As mentioned earlier, there is a massive influx of women into the online gambling industry. A recent study found out that there are more women playing slots than men, and therefore casinos are set to make more money if they advertise to women.

Women like feeling comfortable in whatever they do, and that does not change in gambling. That is why they enjoy gambling online rather than visiting actual casinos. Online gambling is more hospitable, and that offers them a great environment.

First, online casinos have begun to change some things on their websites, including the layout and colors that they adopt. For example, they may opt for colors such as a white background with pink on it, making it look womanish and stylish.

Also, they make their websites more user friendly. Remember, women are just getting introduced to online gambling. Therefore, they need an easy to use interface that does not prompt them to look for any assistance to navigate through a website.

Besides, social impact marketing has become an effective marketing strategy for online casinos. A recent study also showed that women are most likely to visit an online casino that uses this kind of marketing strategy. Therefore, it is a great way to improve the identity of an online casino’s brand.


While there are a lot of marketing strategies to use, a brand must find the best approach to improve their overall income. Therefore, they should make sure that the strategy motivates women to use their websites.