Pretending to be someone else is obviously at the heart of the drama, even if you are trying to use your own real-life emotions and experiences to show this onstage. But in recent years – and thanks of course to the internet, which has thrown our lives into a welcome but wild tailspin – the stage is no longer where this pretending ends.

The fourth wall has broken and we are living in a strange mix of in-between. With social media, you can very easily put your best face forward and so in a sense, you can always be ‘acting’ your best life by only positing the positives and ignoring the negatives.

This is becoming more and more understood as a basic psychological exercise we have always done (trying to present yourself in a good light), but there are plenty of unusual opportunities to present yourself in a totally unique way. Roleplaying means you are not playing yourself, but someone else completely. And that can either be a recognizable fictional character, or an original character in a fictional world.

Naughty Roleplaying

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The best-known sort of roleplaying involves BDSM, which standards for Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism, and it certainly does involves getting pleasure from receiving pain or getting pleasure from giving pain. Whether you think you want to try one or the other is actually easy, as many escorts are willing to be ‘switches’ (the term for going back and forth from being dominant and submissive).

Now there are several levels of BDSM, which can be very light (where it’s just so light spanking and some dirty talk during a normal round of intercourse) or extreme (where you might dress up in elaborate leather uniforms and use toys and specially designed furniture to be tied to). The important thing is to be open and honest with your escort about the sort of experience you want, and they will tailor it to you.


The most well known of this sort is Cosplay, which is surface-level because the most important thing is getting a good costume so you look like a character from the Star Wars universe or from a popular video game series. These costumes can cost thousands of dollars to put together and might involve some state of the art makeup, or some incredible models that you will wear. Typically you will welcome with opened arms at comic or movie conventions, and taking pictures with other fans and enjoying talking about your favorite bit of pop culture.

Roleplaying Games

This can actually be the easiest thing to do since all you really need is a pair of
dice, some paper, some other players, and your imagination. Dungeons and Dragons is definitely the most popular sort of game like this, and it involves following a loosely set up story where each player is a character with certain abilities (typically fantasy-based) that can help them win the game. Some people really get into it and add strange voices and personality quirks as they act out during their turn. The more engaged people get with it, the more fun and complex the adventure can be. Some dungeons and dragons games can last for days.

There are also plenty of Roleplaying video games, and while that may limit the amount of originality because you can’t always act the same way with the limited set of options within the game world, at least it allows to be able to play with people from all over the world thanks to the online multiplayer.

Live-Action Roleplaying (LARP)

Walking around in a cool costume is one thing, but the step up is acting like your character. And that doesn’t mean saying a familiar line now and then, but wholly inhabiting the character and acting like them in every possible way.

There are weekend excursions where you can act like you are in the Harry Potter type universe, and since being Harry Potter is a bit difficult, you will act as if you are like another student in Hogwarts for three days. It is wholly immersive, and the organizers typically have several actors also playing certain roles, and some it becomes a live-action play happening in real-time.

Some of it scripted loosely, some of it improvised. The more energy and open-mindedness you put into your own character and exploring it with others, the more fun you will have over the weekend. And while a School of Wizardry is one of the popular examples, there are other ones that focus more on medieval times or even surviving in the woods during a zombie apocalypse (which also teaches you quite a bit about camping).