Writing a dissertation or developing a student project is a common requirement for final year college learners in most institutions. There are several reasons for this requirement. Among them is to enhance your research skills. Most importantly, it is an opportunity for you to put some of the concepts you have learned throughout your course work into good use.

For film students, the story is no different. In your final year, you will be expected to submit a movie project. Simply put, you are required to direct a movie and then present it for grading. Sounds challenging? Because it is. The task requires a lot of resources that to be fair are not in plenty for a college student. Therefore, you have to make something from the little that is available.

We all know of the budgets spent to make some of the greatest movie hits. Some go to the extent of hundreds of million dollars. Compare this to the budget you can afford out of your pocket. Lucky for you, the project only requires you to develop a standard film that shows you have understood the concepts learned in class. Therefore, let’s discuss how you can do this and score better grades in such a project.

Come Up With a Unique Movie Idea

The most celebrated film directors are known for coming up with unique, well thought out ideas. People focus on actors who are celebrities among movie fans. Few people are interested in what goes on behind the scenes. Therefore, as a director, you must be extremely good at what you do for people to recognize your work.

The reason why most movie projects fail is because of the director trying to copy another person’s ideas. Others fail because they try creating something new from ideas that have been used repeatedly in the past. What such people forget is that the audience never changes that much, hence they will be quick to spot any similarities in the movies.

To avoid being a copycat, take time to reflect and come up with a unique theme for your movie project. The events around the world are a source of excellent movie idea. For example, currently, there is so much anger about racism in Western countries. Such would be a great place to start with your movie idea.

Develop Your Creativity as You Go Along

An exciting thing about writing or work of art is that you have the chance to grow your creativity as you proceed with your work. For example, the essay writer begins his work with an outline and proceed to research for content. Once he starts writing, he will develop even more fabulous ideas and points as he writes along.

The story is no different for movie directors. Most of the greatest movies because the directors improved their ideas during their making. The uniqueness and personal traits of the actors can contribute to this creativity. Also, current events and emerging trends can offer you opportunities to be creative and improve your movie.

However, being creative does not mean losing the plot. Several movie directors have made the mistake of stuffing their film with lots of new ideas until they lose focus on what the plot was about. Therefore, make sure that any changes you make reinforce the movie’s theme, but not contradicting it.

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Scout for Appropriate Locations for Your Film

The location a film is shot will determine whether it is a hit or not. Great sites help reinforce the storyline of your movie. Therefore, careful selection of your film’s location is an essential aspect of improving its success. In this regard, let your movie’s theme dictate the location where the film should be shot.

Once you are sure of the location, go ahead and scout. Scouting means visiting the place in advance and gathering all the necessary information about the area. For example, if you want to shoot your movie in the college’s technology park, arrange for a meeting with those in charge. The agenda of the meeting will be:

  • Requesting permission to use the location
  • Booking the place so that no other events are planned on that day
  • Requesting for assistance from staff members if necessary
  • Considerations for disruptions that may be caused by your project.

Source for Funding

Even a small movie project requires funding. Remember, your movie requires some actors. Even though they will not be demand much to be part of the film, you still have to appreciate them. Moreover, you will also require to have a supporting crew to help you in the movie production. Therefore, you will have to become creative in ways to raise funds. Some of the techniques you can use include crowdsourcing and seeking donations.

Draw Inspirations from the Experts in the Industry

The film industry has been around for ages. During this long period, it has produced many great directors and producers. Therefore, there is no shortage of individuals you can draw inspiration from.

In your coursework, you may have read about these people. Also, your research may have revealed some of the directors you consider your role model. Try getting in touch with them and have them guide you here and there on how to refine your work.

Time to Get Your Movie Project Started

Producing a movie for a school project is a demanding task for a student. It requires a lot of resources to come up with something presentable. In other cases, a student lacks ideas on where to begin the project. However, with the tips provided here, you may finally be able to kick start the project.