Online lotteries are becoming an increasingly popular game among players worldwide. They are one of the easiest casino games which can be played without being educated about complex procedures. In order to play at some of the top online lotto sites, players simply need to sign up and create an account with them. Almost all top-notch lotto websites will ask users to submit their sensitive data such as personal information. Additionally, players will also be asked to select a preferred payment option and input information about that.

Once done with that, players are presented with a range of lotto games such as Mega Millions, Power balls, Raffle, and Scratch-off, etc. The range of games offered varies according to the country/region from where the website originates.  In addition to that, it also varies depending on the popularity of games worldwide. Since most websites accept players from around the world, players can easily access them, create an account make some deposits or receive an introductory and start playing the lotto game of their choice. It is simple as that.

Risks of Playing Lotto Online

While playing lotto online appears to be a quite simple process, there are certain hurdles to be overcome by lotto players online. These hurdles pertain to the fact that owing to online gambling and games’ popularity, many fake websites have emerged. These websites indulge in fraudulent practices and thieve people off their hard-earned cash. Other than fake websites, there are websites that promote unfair practices such as not allowing users to withdraw their winning amount in full instead of offering a certain percentage of it or delaying the amount for longer periods of time, etc.

Choosing a Reliable Website for Playing Lotto

The challenge that lies for all lotto players online is to find out which lotto websites are reliable enough to create an account with.  A few tips to help players in ascertaining whether or not a lotto website is trustworthy are mentioned below in a list and then each one of them is further explained in detail:

  • Registration Certificate/License
  • The Padlock appearing in the address bar
  • Website Design/Layout
  • Games Offered
  • Contact Information
  • Multi-Platform Presence
  • Deposit Options
  • Payment Policies
  • Frequency of Withdrawals allowed
  • The time taken to withdraw money
  • Legit Customer Support
  • Range of Bonuses and Other Promotional Offers

1. Registration Certificate/License

In order to be 100% sure about a lotto website’s authenticity, it is always advised to look for its registration certificate or license at the bottom of the website’s homepage. Almost all registered and licensed websites showcase their certificates to earn the player’s trust. If the website does not showcase any such document, then sift your way to some other website.

2. Check for the Padlock

An alternate method of checking a site’s authenticity is to check for the padlock which appears in the top left corner of the address bar. If a website neither has a security certificate nor a padlock appearing before its address, then it is not reliable at all.

3. Website Design/Layout

A website’s layout gives away whether or not people behind it are real lotteries hosts and agents. Every website needs up-gradation and maintenance from time to time. For lotto websites, user-friendly options and ease of navigation are two prime factors that either make or break potential customers into long term clients.

4. Games Offered

Most popular lotto websites offer a range of lotto games since they have players logging in from all parts of the world. They do not offer a limited range of games. A website’s ability to host multiple lotto games from trusted developers increases its trustworthiness.

5. Contact Information

The most reliable lotto websites display their contact information on the homepage. The ease of creating contact with real-life website representatives fosters communication and makes the website appear more reliable. If a website does not have a license, no padlock, offers a limited range of games with no solid player base, has a below-average website layout and on top of all that hides its developers/lotto agents’ identities behind curtains and provides no means to contact them, then this website for sure is a scam.

6. Multi-Platform Existence

In this digital era, almost all top lottery websites have more than one medium of digital presence. This means they are not just available over desktop/PC but also can be accessed via mobile phones, smartphones and other handheld devices in the form of mobile apps.

7. Deposit Options

A lottery is as reliable as its deposit options are. Check out what methods of transactions are available on the site. Some of the most reliable deposit options consist of bank transfers, wire transfers, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and e-wallets such as PayPal.

8. Payment Policies

The next criteria for reliable lotto websites are their payment policies. This includes policies with regards to the winning amount allowed to be withdrawn and winning fees. Ideally, there is no such thing as winning fees and withdrawing the amount won by a player is free of charge. However, some websites put fees on withdrawing the winning amount.

This is not a fair practice and thus puts a question mark on the website’s fair play policies. Additionally, winners must always be allowed to withdraw their winning amount in full. If a website does not allow that instead it freezes the user account and gives software error at the time of withdrawal or offers a certain percentage of total amounts instead of full, then this is a fraudulent practice and the website is not a trusted one.

9. Frequency of Withdrawals and Withdrawal Time Line

If a lottery website does not allow more than one withdrawal in a six months time or takes months to allow players to claim and withdraw their winning amount, then the website’s authenticity becomes questionable. Reliable lotto websites ensure speedy transfers of prize money for all its users.

10. Range of Bonuses and Customer Support

Last but not the least, all reliable lotteries offer lucrative bonuses to facilitate their players. If a website barely offers any bonus but is more interested in charging unreasonable fees, then the player must understand these unfair practices may lead to bigger scams on part of such websites and leave their platforms.

A 24/7 customers support with cooperative representatives is also a sign that the lotto website is authentic and has no intention of breaking its customers’ trust.


The tips enlisted provide an in-depth overview of the criteria which makes lotto websites reliable and encourages users to sign up with them. However, if you come across a lotto website which does not qualify any of the above-mentioned benchmarks, then budge away or else you might be rolling yourself in for a big fraud