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According to Forbes, LA is ranked second among the hardest cities in the United States to find jobs. And the primary reason for this is the high competition. Los Angeles remains a golden dream for local professionals, job seekers from throughout the US, and even foreigners.

Still, its job market offers only about 33 available vacancies for every 1000 candidates. It means that the demand for a job often exceeds the supply of employers. However, this is not a reason to give up, but an occasion to arm yourself with patience and a step-by-step job search strategy. Our tips will increase your chances of finding and getting a job in LA.

The best ways to find a job in Los Angeles

The entertainment industry has presented Los Angeles as a city of endless opportunities. But this perfect picture has little in common with reality. Many aspirational job seekers find that employers don’t line up for their talents, and the path to success in any industry is not as straightforward and quick as they would like. To avoid disappointments, get real and be ready to go the extra mile while looking for a job in Los Angeles.

  • Take an unbiased look at the job market. The first and most crucial step in finding a job in LA is the analysis of up-close opportunities. For this purpose, determine which positions you want to take. After that, visit the traditional job boards and study the available vacancies in LA with employers’ current requirements. It will help you gauge the demand for your chosen profession in this city. If your search query shows too few results, it is worth expanding your career options. You also will understand whether your qualifications correspond to the desired roles. If you see a clear knowledge gap, you should fill it before breaking into the application process.
  • Think ahead. Even if you have held a leadership position or had a high-paying job before, this does not guarantee that you will smoothly continue your career path in Los Angeles. Why? Many local companies already have a well-established corporate hierarchy with clearly defined roles. In this regard, be prepared to go down a couple of steps in your career ladder and consider entry-level positions. This strategy allows you to get hired and hence flow into the LA business environment asap. Therefore, when you scroll the job boards, do not set strict search criteria. Evaluate all possible work options in the chosen industry.
  • Develop your networking. Fruitful contacts can play a critical role in your employment, especially if you want to get a job in another state or country. Therefore, you should not neglect well-established connections and new acquaintances when finding work in Los Angeles. Tell your friends, colleagues, or relatives what positions you are considering, what you can offer to the employer, and how fast you plan to get started. Perhaps some of them know the local labor market from the inside, can suggest a hot vacancy, or, in a perfect scenario, can put in a good word for you.

Expand your online networking through platforms such as InterNations. It allows you to join communities of expatriates in many cities around the world, including Los Angeles, and gain valuable insights into job searches, employers, growing industries, and the quality of life in the chosen area.

  • Contact recruiting companies or temp agencies. Such organizations connect employers and job seekers with maximum benefit for each of them. They register your candidacy and submit it to the employers from their database whenever your experience and qualifications meet the position’s requirements. These agencies do not guarantee that you will get hired immediately. Nevertheless, they work with modern Los Angeles companies, understand their needs, and are interested in your job offer as they receive a commission for each filled vacancy. Thus, this is a great chance to promote your candidacy in the local labor market.
  • Be active at LinkedIn. According to WorkMonger, today, 95% of recruiters are looking for potential candidates on LinkedIn. Many companies post their vacancies on this professional network instead of popular job boards. Therefore, if you are interested in how to search for a job in Los Angeles, start by creating an engaging profile. Indicate your field of expertise, current professional goal, experience, and skills. Remember, the more valuable information you provide about yourself, the higher your chances of catching the potential employer’s attention.

LinkedIn can be the best way to find a job in Los Angeles if you live in another city, state, or even country. In this case, indicate that you are ready for a career relocation and, ideally, indicate a deadline for your arrival in LA. After you have created your page, subscribe to the official profiles of LA companies and their recruiters, join local professional communities or groups, and monitor any news and updates.

How to get a job in Los Angeles: proven ways

It is one thing to find a job that meets all your expectations, but it is quite another to get it despite high competition. Our tips will help you change your application status to the honorary title of a new-hire.

Focus on growing industries

The labor market, with its trends and requirements, differs in every state and even city. Therefore, if you dream of starting and continuing your career in Los Angeles, California, you should consider what industries and professions are in demand or are forecast to grow in the coming years. states that the fastest-growing fields in California in 2020 are healthcare, construction, information technology, energy, and entertainment. If you have the necessary qualifications or the transferable skills for one of them, your chances of getting a job in Los Angeles significantly increase.

Improve your application documents

Your resume and cover letter can play a critical role in your employment. Therefore, your task is to bring these papers to perfection.

  • Your resume should contain an engaging summary and career goal that proves your professional value from the first lines. Edit your work history and keep only the work experience that is relevant to the desired position. Make sure to indicate technical, soft, and hard skills in the appropriate section to prove yourself a versatile specialist.
  • The cover letter has no precise content requirements, so the candidate places any job-winning information on it. As an advantage, this document allows you to highlight your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses or gaps. For example, applicants without a degree or work experience focus on their motivation, commitment, and personal qualities, while career-changing professionals emphasize their transferable skills and achievements. If you want to create a convincing self-presentation, the perfect builder Get Cover Letter online service can come in handy.

Think over your interview

The interview invitation proves that you’ve already caught the employer’s attention among other active job seekers in Los Angeles. However, you still need to consolidate your success and take the final decisive step towards employment. For this purpose:

  • Study the most frequent questions for your position
  • Explore the typical interview questions of the company
  • Define your key competitive advantages
  • Think about why you are the very person who deserves this role
  • Prepare a convincing argument for why you want to work in LA or why you want to cooperate with this particular employer.


Getting a job in Los Angeles is an ambitious goal. But that doesn’t stop many job seekers from trying their luck and pursuing it year after year. We designed our guide to turn your dream into a practical and effective action plan. Now you know where to start your search and how to increase your chances of finding a job. That is why you already have the edge over many candidates who just rely on luck. But your further success will depend on your persistence, patience, and resilience. Remember, high competition is only a temporary difficulty, and any ambitious goal is always achievable if you love what you do.

Authored by Olga Butyrina (Career Expert, GetCoverLetter)