Folding clothes properly is an art. It helps reduce the overall space consumed by unfolded and mercilessly rolled clothes in the closet. Other than that, it also helps in saving your clothes and shirts’ fabric from being destroyed due to improper storage.

What Are Polo Shirts?

Folding clothes is one thing that needs to be addressed, but folding polo shirts is a different task altogether. Polo shirts, as the name suggests, are shirts that were first worn by polo players. They are distinguished from other kinds of shirts because of their unique design, which consists of a collar followed by a placket neckline, 2-3 buttons, and an optional pocket. Polo shirts usually have short sleeves, though they may have long sleeves too. Polo shirts require extra care and are folded in a special way, which many people are not aware of.

Folding a Polo Shirt

If you are one of those people who are searching online for a guide on how to fold clothes, in particular, polo shirts, then you are at the right spot. Listed below are a few hacks which will help and guide you on how to fold clothes, especially polo shirts, in more effective and less space-consuming ways.

Place The Clothes On A Steady, Even And Firm Surface:

The first step in learning how to fold clothes and polo shirts properly is placing your clothes on top of a steady and even surface. This will ensure that while folding, your cloth does not hide any creases or clogs. Additionally, it will aid in reducing the time and effort required to fold the clothes and polo shirt on an uneven and not so firm surface otherwise.

Your iron stand/board/table, if you own any, could be a good option. Other than that, any table or a firm and flat surface which is cleaned properly and dusted off so that the washed laundry can be put on it without hesitation will do.

Tuck In The Sleeves Or Fold Them Behind:

In the second step, you must tuck in or fold behind the sleeves of your polo shirt. You must do this in a wrinkle-free and clog-free manner with sophistication. Another tip to keep in mind here is that if your polo shirt has short sleeves, try folding them to the bottom back of your shirt and try that they do not overlap each other. While folding the sleeves at the back, be mindful that you do not take in the seam. At this point, you are just concerned with placing your sleeves at the right spot and are not dealing with the seams. Once done, you are ready for the next step.

Dealing With The Side Seams And Bottom Of The Shirt:

Once you have folded your sleeves behind or tucked them in, you now need to first make sure the rest of the shirt is still wrinkle-free. Do this by gently moving your hand over the shirt and straighten out any wrinkles you come across. This tip helps in smoothing out the leftover creases and creating a better fold. After that make sure the bottom hems, both front and back, are overlapping and flat on each other.

Post doing that, depending on your method of dealing with the sleeves; you will either fold in the side seams or simply fold the shirt in two equal halves. That is to say; if you folded your sleeves behind your back then you will fold in your side seams in a vertical manner without them overlapping each other and then create your first fold in the next step. However, if you simply tucked in your sleeves and smoothed out the creases, then you will simply fold your shirt in half in a horizontal manner.

Fold The Shirt In Half:

This step, as mentioned before is specifically for the people who have folded side seams vertically. In the 4th step, you must fold your polo shirt in half. For doing this, you will have to face its button side downwards and then gently create the first fold dividing the shirt into two halves. Depending on the size of the shirt, you may create one or two more folds. Those of who have already folded the shirt into half may create more folds as well depending on the size of your shirts.

Storing the Folded Polo Shirt:

Now you need to store the properly folded polo shirt in your closet. For this, you will first have to flip it bringing the buttoned side to the top and then gently place it in a drawer, wardrobe shelf, or a closet, wherever you want. Proper folding the polo shirts will help you create a stack of shirts in the storing space and thus save you from the hassle of disorganization and stress of finding the right shirt at the right time.

Polo shirts are a valuable addition to your wardrobe. With the help of this guide, you can keep your wardrobe looking crisp and clean at all times!