Lee Sung-Kyung is a global phenomenon and a poster child of the K-style scene. The South Korean model, actress, and singer was born in South Korea on August 10, 1990, and she graduated from Dongduk’s Women’s University in 2016.

As well to her acting and singing credits, Lee is well-known as a fashion icon, with her own recognizable style that represents her unique take on her South Korean heritage. She caught the eye of the international glitterati in 2014 with her sassy and confident performance on the runway, where her street-smart vibe matched the style of the clothes she was modeling. Want to get her looks? Find out how below!

Start With the Hair

The beauty of Lee Sung-Kyung’s style is that it encompasses lots of different looks with a couple of key themes. When it comes to hair, the first of these is cuteness. Whether cut into a charming bob with bands or braided into a thick plait on one side of the head, a sweet vibe is key. Hair should be glossy and styled neatly – use a leave-in conditioner or heat-protection serum to get the shine, and then take an extra ten minutes or so to tame your locks for a sleek, smart and charming look. Add some accessories to amp up the cute factor: think glittery hair clips and ribbons, and you’re on exactly the right lines.

The second of Lee Sung-Kyung’s signature hairstyles is the just-got-out-of-bed look. This may seem an easy one to replicate, but it takes a little bit of effort to perfect! Start by applying a styling product designed to add texture to wet hair. Once dry, spritz in another product, like surf spray, and muss up a little until you get the bedhead style you want. And yes, there is some irony in the fact that you’ll need to get out of bed ten minutes earlier to achieve the just-got-out-of-bed look.

Get a Camera-Ready Smile

Lee Sung-Kyung is always ready with a dazzling smile, whether she’s photographed on the red carpet or papped buying groceries. You can easily get a smile as bright using at-home teeth whitening kits; this method is not only convenient and relatively inexpensive but can deliver results that last for months at a time.

There are many companies now out there offering these types of kits, so do some careful research to make sure you’re using a reputable company and that the service and treatment are suitable for you.  Have a look at lots of user reviews, like these Primal Life organics teeth whitening reviews, to get an idea of exactly what you can expect.

Many at-home kits now use LED technology, which is deployed alongside the more traditional whitening gel that is applied using a mouthpiece; the LED activates the gel, meaning that you get whiter teeth quicker and longer-lasting results.

Perfect Your Street Style

When it comes to clothes, Lee Sung-Kyung has absolutely mastered street styling and made it her own, mixing couture pieces with long tailored jackets and biker boots or oversized sweatshirts with A-line skirts, sneakers, and vintage-look jewelry.

Make this look work for you (and your budget!) by having a go at mixing and matching some of the garments already in your closet that you previously would never have considered pairing—for example, experiment by wearing a sporty T-shirt and shorts with platform heels and statement earrings. Or try matching patterned leggings with a blouse, fitted blazer, and boldly colored beanie hat. There’s an element of dressing up with this sort of styling, so embrace the opportunity to have some fun while channeling your Lee Sung-Kyung to create some eclectic new looks.

K-Beauty Hacks

And finally, to complete your Lee Sung-Kyung look, it’s time to think about skincare and cosmetics. In interviews, Lee has shared the importance of taking good care of your skin and optimizing your routine in this regard: invest in a great quality moisturizer and apply it every day, and look for creamy, moisture-rich products rather than powders that could dry out the skin.

When following your skincare routine or putting on your makeup for the day (or night!), Lee says it’s vital to take your time and not be tempted to rush. After applying a product, wait a few minutes for it to sink into the skin before applying the next one.

Lee’s make-up tends to either focus on the lips or the eyes – rarely both. So choose which you want to emphasize with make-up before putting together your look. If you want to focus on lips, then take time to properly apply liner, lipstick, and gloss, using a dab of concealer in the middle of the lips to give the impression of plumpness and shine. Alternatively, if you want to draw attention to the eyes, then curl eyelashes using an eyelash curler before applying two to three coats of mascara. Add a thin flick of eyeliner, and use the pad of your middle finger to dot and blend a small amount of white or light beige eyeshadow into the inner corner of each eye for the sort of dewy, wide-awake look that Lee is famed for.