Growing a manly beard is difficult for many guys out there. Let’s face reality. Not all guys are blessed with a macho beard. However, you should know that growing a healthy beard is not entirely impossible. Yes, the growth of a beard does depend on genetics and a few other factors as well, although if you have a patchy and uneven beard, there might be some hope for you.

How to Fix a Patchy and Uneven Beard?

Guys who get patchy and uneven beards can still develop a decent looking man bush. If you’re someone who has such a beard, today might be your lucky day. You can browse through a few tips given below that will help you grow a vigorous beard, and as a result, you will be able to show off your manliness in a poised manner.

Make Use of a Beard Shampoo

If you strive to be a true Beardoholic, you must know about beard shampoos. Your beard is prone to get quite dry and prickly. Therefore it’s necessary that you apply a moisturizing shampoo on your beard every two to three days. Consider this product to be an essential step towards growing your dream beard.

Use Beard Growing Oils

Over the last couple of years, beard oils have been quite famous among men. Especially for those guys who want to uphold a masculine and healthy-looking beard. Beard oils contain natural ingredients that are required for proper beard growth. As a pro tip, coconut-based products work best. Hence, you should get your hands on one now and start growing.

Consider Shaving your Beard More Often

As controversial as this might seem to the beard lovers out there, shaving your beard once or twice helps develop a much better and solid bush. When you donate blood, your body produces healthier cells. Similarly, when you shave your beard, your face will automatically grow healthier, looking hair.

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Eat Protein Based Foods

Growing a perfect beard also depends upon your nutrition. As surprising as this tip might sound, it’s very true. Protein-based foods like lean meats, fish, and dry fruits help in boosting your testosterone levels. The greater your testosterone, the greater your chances are of growing a perfect beard.

Exercise Regularly

Believe it or not, exercise is also linked to healthy beard growth. Ideally, it would be better if you started lifting free weights. You don’t have to join a gym. All you need is resistance training (which can easily be done at home). Like foods that help boost your testosterone, resistance training also fulfills this purpose.

On The Whole

Finally, you should know that growing a beard really depends on your genetics. However, some generations are capable of growing a beard, and some are not. Regardless, you can still benefit from the tips given above, and hopefully, you’ll develop the perfect beard in no time.