If you have been assigned with a task of organizing a celebrity event, know that it is going to be quite stressful besides all the glitz, glamour, and excitement. It is common for colleges, corporate firms, and other organizations to host celebrity events to achieve various objectives. However, since celebrities have a public following, a celebrity centric event can be extra complicated to manage. Here are a few tips that will help you pull one-off.

Draft a Plan

Planning an event is nothing short of planning a business strategy. It has objectives, which often includes profits, and you want them to be successful. You never go ahead with a business without a business plan, and the same applies to event planning. Draft a comprehensive business plan that defines the purpose of your event, what objectives do you intend to achieve, and what is it going to be about. Your plan should also cover elements such as your target audience, your PR and promotion strategy, how do you plan to take it forward along with a contingency plan to deal with any last-minute issues. And the challenges that you can face during the project.

Pick your Celebrity

There can be different types of celebrity events such as guest speaker session, guest appearances, concerts, and performances, etc. The type of event that you will be hosting and the celebrities that you will be approaching should depend on your budget and purpose of the event. Make sure that the general public perception associated with your chosen celebrity is in line with your event objectives. For example, if you are organizing an awareness campaign against smoking, it will be a bad idea to invite a celebrity who is known to smoke in public. You might also want to drop any celebrities who are caught up in sketchy scandals. Some celebrities can be very expensive, therefore do pay attention to your budget.

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Offer Them Incentive

You are aiming to book a celeb because you want to achieve something out of it. In the same way, your celebrity will be giving you his time, and he will need a reason to be a part of your event. Offer him an incentive that motivates him to accept your proposal. Make sure everything is written as a contract to avoid last-minute disputes.

Budget and Feasibility

Budgeting is the backbone of successful event planning. Chalk out a budget and feasibility plan that defines all your costs and revenue heads. Make sure that you highlight all possible challenges and constraints that you can face during the vent and how do you intend to deal with these challenges.

Selecting Vendors

Event Planning for a newbie can be very stressful, especially if it involves public figures and celebrities. You need to make sure that nothing goes wrong on the given day. You will have to take care of lights, sound, stage, décor, and even security for your special guests, and it is recommended that you outsource it to professional vendors wherever possible.