When it comes to running a successful business, one of the key factors in doing so is to focus on keeping your employees happy. It is very common to hear guidance on keeping your customers happy because they are the ones spending money, but many would argue that it is just as important to ensure that those who work for you are content as well.

Employees are obviously a critical component of any business, and it can become a complete money drain if you are not able to keep them on board. More importantly, it could easily lead to the failure of your company. With that in mind, here are just a few things that you might want to consider when it comes to keeping your people energized and happy.

Being Open and Transparent

There are a few things that will get employees frustrated and wanting to quit than a lack of transparency. Yes, you may be the boss and don’t necessarily feel that you need to explain every decision that is made, but there are times when this simple move can make all the difference in the world in the eyes of your staff.

Let’s take one simple example. If you are demanding that your people need to work over the weekend, it will serve you well to explain why. If you fail to explain, it simply leaves the door open for rumors to begin and that soon leads into a multiple of assumptions that may or may not be true. You can intercept any of these issues by simply being honest as to why you are making the request. This certainly does not apply just to working hours, but that is a common topic that often brings forth hostility on the job.

Taking Care of Your People

If you want to keep your employees happy and doing their best work for you, it’s important that you take care of them. What this means is that you don’t treat them like robots. Even though you are paying them to do a job, you still have to realize that they are human beings and that means that they have to deal with things like everyone else.

So, if your employees approach you with a request for some kind of family time, take a close look at what they are asking and see if you can work it out. It may be something as simple as attending an event for one of their children, but that’s important for them. You obviously won’t be able to allow all of your employees to do such things on a regular basis, but it is good practice to evaluate such requests on a case by case basis.

The same consideration applies if an employee approaches you for leaving early, vacation time, or taking off for some kind of medical appointment. Employers who take the time to truly listen to the request, and grant them when able, will quickly develop a reputation of being fair and one who takes care of their people.

Do Not Overburden Employees

In today’s world of maximizing profits and cutting expenses, it is not uncommon for employers to push their workers to do tasks far beyond their official job requirements. The key here is understanding the difference between driving employees to achieve more and abusing them to avoid hiring more people.

In the end, overworking your people will not only cause them to be very unhappy, but it will most likely impact the productivity and profitability of your company. Ultimately, this final recommendation is directly tied into being transparent and taking care of your people. They are all intertwined and collectively help in not only keeping everyone happy but in building a company that respects its people and knows how to get the best from them on a daily basis. Some businesses believe in the mantra that “it’s all about the customer,” but it’s critical to realize that it’s also about your personnel.

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