Fashion comes easily to some people, those lucky few who can throw together the cutest looks and carry them off with aplomb. It is not always cheap, but looking chic doesn’t have to cost a million bucks or break the bank. All you need to do is to make fashion-savvy choices within the budget you have. To always look stylish on a limited budget follow these tips and tricks.

Keep an eye out on the Trends

When it comes to looking chic, following the latest trends always helps. Being trend-savvy doesn’t mean that you follow high street fashion only, shop at big brand name stores, or have a professional stylist shop for you. Just follow some fashion-related TV shows, browse the internet for fashion and style blogs, and learn how to coordinate colors, blend styles, and mix and match prints and clothing items together to create fabulously fancy-looking ensembles. Follow and adopt the latest trends that can upgrade your look and make you look current and chic. The latest trend of using canvas tote bags as a carryall, for instance, doesn’t cost much at all, and you can get several so you always have one to match your outfit of the day. Keep an eye out for the underlying trends as well like prints, skirt shapes and lengths, hairstyles, and even makeup.

When in doubt, go for Basic Block Colours

Color trends change all the time. While it can be fun to follow all the outrageous color trends, to stay chic you must exercise a certain restraint. Incorporate trendy color into your wardrobe through smart accessories like scarves, statement jewelry, and other inexpensive items. However, for your main and functional wardrobe pieces, you should stick to basic colors like blacks and other neutrals. Solid color blocks can also be very chic, especially dark jewel tones, navy blue, and poppy red. Prints can look nice on occasion, but they get familiar and can appear dated quickly. So avoid large, busy prints and patterns for your basic clothing staples.

Make sure your clothes Fit

Clothes that are too tight or too lose look sloppy and not stylish. If you want to look chic, you must find clothes that fit you properly. Always try out the clothes you want to buy before making a purchase. If you make an online purchase that doesn’t fit right, it is worth your while to return them. Consider tailoring, if you are one of the tricky in-between sizes, buy one size larger and have it tailored to your exact measurements. Exact fits can make you appear tres chic!

Choose quality fabric when possible

Even when you need to keep an eye on your budget while you shop, it is important to purchase the good quality fabric. It is better to spend a little extra for better quality material. For instance, it is better to avoid synthetic blend sweaters in low price options, instead opting for better quality. Better quality items will last and look fresher longer. You can learn to recognize cheap fabrics can consequently avoid them. Just like that, you can find some good materials even at discount stores and in-department sales.

Quality over Quantity

Always choose quality over quantity when making clothing purchases. It is always better to own few quality pieces that will look and feel stylish for years rather than having multiple pieces that will get worn out quickly. While it may feel like food to buy several items cheaply, it might be a quick downer when your new items break or come apart at the seams. Instead of purchasing cheap clothing just because it fits a trend, choose carefully selected good quality apparel to add to your wardrobe.

Basically, when you go shopping, look for things you need and those that add value to your wardrobe. Basically, you want to shop for necessity, and avoiding the urge to splurge on retail therapy or buying for the sake of buying. Invest in your wardrobe by choosing pieces and accessories that won’t go out of style and will prove to be a long term investment that you’ll be able to enjoy year after year.