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How to win at binary options?

First strategy. Double punch.

By entering a position on the 7option platform, you can open 2 transactions almost at 1 time. One transaction is a forecast for a price rise, the other, on the contrary, is a possible price fall. Why? This way you minimize your risks. If the asset price goes up, you can close a transaction with the opposite forecast at minimal damage, waiting for a winning position to be closed in profit.

It is this income that will cover the loss of the fall rate. This is one of the most popular binary online trading strategies. Sometimes experienced traders open up to 10 positions in a short time and balance between profit and the possibility of losing a certain amount of balance. To do this, you need to have experience of at least several months. Experts recommend that beginners open 2-3 short-term transactions.

Friend’s strategy. Fundamental analysis as a trading foundation.

In binary options trading, most traders study fundamental economic news. Trading currency pairs requires daily research of macroeconomic and microeconomic statistics of the countries whose currencies you want to trade. There is no Golden Grail.

To trade binary options correctly and enter a trade on time, you need to study and analyze a whole lot of information. It is an art to choose the right time to enter a trade, knowing that a positive trend is coming. Keep track of key bank rates, export, and import statistics … Use sites with proven statistics and do your own analysis. Only in this way will fundamental analysis protect you from wrong moves in binary options.

Third strategy. Technical analysis.

The chart always draws shapes. This is important to those for whom binary options online trading is not a hobby, but stable daily earnings. Traders study the chart and highlight the key figures which help predict the further trend of the asset price. Even people far from trading have heard of head-and-shoulders pattern and other technical analysis patterns, as well as up and downtrends. Everyone knows that nobody trades against the trend. Study technical analysis and learn to read a chart.

Fourth strategy. Levels trading.

Levels are important in trading pairs in binary options. In particular, traders use the Fibonacci grid to see the asset’s protraction zones. These are the so-called corridors which prices can move in. If it breaks through a certain resistance level, the price rises to the next resistance level and the previous level becomes a support for the asset value. Experienced players in this market know how to make money trading binary options using the Fibonacci grid.

Fifth strategy. Trade on small time frames.

1-minute, 5-minute, and 15-minute are trader’s best friends at binary options. You can take a profit as quickly as possible and enter new transactions at the right time.

How to invest in binary options?

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Do you think binary options are too complex and require education and special knowledge? Forget it – everyone can trade. Study the asset and the pair that you are trading so that it does not turn into an up or down roulette. Deliberate steps bring profit. Try and make sure that binary options will become your new stable income!