Hot-tub enclosures are usually geared towards adults. It’s the grown-ups who get to use the most of these home structures. After a long day of work, some will often go straight to the enclosure and have a warm dip to relax and calm their nerves. However, those who aren’t allowing their children to go inside it are missing an opportunity here. Your kids have the right to relax too, and if you spend time with them in the enclosure, it makes for a great bonding experience. Here, you get to play with them and talk to them about their own troubles. After a session or two, you’ll be a tighter-knit family than before.

At times, however, hot-tub enclosures can be intimidating to children. Since everything seems so luxurious and expensive, even though most of the time these structures are affordable, kids are less likely to be relaxed themselves. In order to help them feel at ease inside the enclosure, listed below are the ways to turn them into family-friendly home features.

Open It Up

Keeping your hot-tub enclosure family-friendly starts with how you build it. If you close it up with wooden walls and a few shutters inside, it might tell your kids that they’re not allowed to go inside the room. If you have it glass-paneled instead, or even open-air, your children will more than likely go inside. In fact, they might even grow to love it as a sort of playground part of your backyard. But as long as you set some ground rules, they’re sure to be safe both inside and around the enclosure.

Maximize Space

Space is very important for kids. Wherever they go, they’ll be a lot more comfortable and at ease when they’re able to walk or run around. If they’re within too-tight spaces, they’ll also feel intimidated and wouldn’t want to play around. If you want to let your kids feel right at home inside your hot-tub enclosure, don’t fill it up with any unnecessary furniture or features. Give them some legroom to walk around and feel the place. They’re more certain to like the structure if they have space.

Keep the Air Fresh

Sometimes, it’s easy to get carried away with the aromatherapy in your hot-tub enclosure. The structure is, after all, somewhat of a mini-spa of sorts. But what if you want to invite your children to come inside and enjoy the home feature? Then keep the air as fresh as possible. If there are windows, open them up. Let the little ones breathe and don’t overwhelm their senses with scents that they may not appreciate for now. Kids have sensitive smelling sensories, and if theirs are overwhelmed in a certain place, they won’t go inside.

Place Dry Mats on the Floor

Kids can get rough sometimes in any place. Once they’ve grown comfortable to spend some time in your hot-tub enclosure, they’ll see to it that they’ll be running around inside it in no time. This will lead to accidents, injuries, and all sorts of unwanted and unfortunate situations. To avoid such, put some dry mats on the floor of the enclosure. Keep one by the entrance/exit and spread more near the jacuzzi. This way, all the water that might drip off of you or your kids when you get out will be caught by these mats and the floor won’t be slippery.

Keep at a Moderate Temperature

Another thing kids don’t like are extreme temperatures. Their small bodies aren’t able to handle too warm or too cold temperatures as well as your adult bodies can. In your hot-tub enclosure, ensure that it’s neither inside. If you have an air conditioner, keep the temperature at a bare minimum to avoid making it too cold. And when it’s too hot, open up the windows to let the breeze in. The same goes for your water as well. Even though it’s a hot tub, it doesn’t have to be too hot that your kids are unable to enjoy themselves in them.

Calm the Waters

Kids, especially toddlers, are often afraid of pools, especially hot tubs. If the waters are too hot, they want to go in it. And when it comes to the bubbles, those will really scare the small children. When you’re having a family bonding session inside your hot-tub enclosure, don’t be too adventurous when it comes to the bumbling aspect of the jacuzzi. Make it just right or even calmer so as to not scare off your kids.

Include Toys

Practically the best way to calm down your kids is to give them toys. In your hot-tub enclosure, you can bring in their bath toys when they’re having a warm dip with you. These can vary from water guns and buckets to rubber ducks and mini boats. These toys will help them forget how intimidating it is to be in a hot tub and they’ll focus their time playing with their imagination. You can also install small storage space in the corner to put the toys in when they’re not in use.


Depth of the water is what scared kids most when it comes to pools and tubs. They feel like they’ll drown in it, regardless of the seats available in the hot-tub. To put them at ease, bring in some floaties for them. You can let them wear them on their arms or bring in the large doughnut shaped ones so it’ll be more to fun. They’re more likely to stay and feel calm in the hot tub once they know there are objects they can hang onto to avoid drowning.

Play Games Inside

As with any other new environment, the kids will feel more relaxed in it when you’re playing a game with them. Whether it’s a water gun fight, a water balloon battle, or even just a board game or two, playing games with your kids will help them feel right at home inside the hot-tub enclosure. You can also play some classic pool games while in the jacuzzi but always bear in mind that the pool is a lot smaller than your average swimming pool. With these games. they’ll feel as if they’re just in the family room or the living room, spending some quality time with their parents.

Don’t miss the opportunity of growing closer your kids. Invite them over for an afternoon of fun in your hot-tub enclosure. Make them feel right at home and you’ll be closer to each other in no time.