How to protect your business from fraudulent transactions?


Identity theft is frequently proliferating, and its credit goes to fake ids and fraudulent people. To avoid the possibility of fraud, businesses need to check the identity cards of customers. For the safety of your business from legal issues, you must learn how to identify a fake identity card.

A unique protection system becomes a necessity for each business to identify possible threats. These intimidations are looming because of fake id maker services. Identity thieves often take advantage of your limited knowledge about fake ids. They may use false ids to deceive you for money or services.

Targeted Industries

Several industries, such as healthcare, property rental, escrow, mortgage, retail, and hotel, are on the hit list of identity thieves. For this reason, these industries need a special system to monitor and recognize fake ids. Government issues almost 240 IDs in the USA.

Security features of these cards are almost the same, and some features are easily identifiable through the naked eye. To check other features, you will need high-quality magnifying glasses and UV lights. Here are some tips that will help you to identify fake identity cards:

Security Features of National Cards

You can feel some tangible security features to identify them. Remember, you must not accept an identity card shown from the window slot of a wallet. It is essential to touch an identity card to feel the important features.

Mindfully hold an identity card in your hand because ID thieves can counterfeit a few tactile features. Luckily, these people can’t meet the quality standards of identity cards issued by a state. Pay attention to the quality, and try to use your fingernail to scratch a card.

Feel free to use a coin to scratch an identity card and see if tangible items change or come off easily. It will help you to identify a fake ID.

Pay Attention to the Looks

Carefully look at the photo and match it with the person standing beside you. It is subjective, and you have to focus on the main features, such as chin, mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. Remember, these areas may not change unless a person has undergone plastic surgery.

Facial hair, eye color, eyebrows, and hair are easy to change. Moreover, faces may become heavier or thinner with weight loss. The position of eyes and ears can’t be changed. You have to pay attention to the features that are impossible to change.

For instance, if a person has dimples on the cheek or chin, and these are not available in the photograph, it must be a red flag. You cannot accept illogical explanations, such as dimple implant surgeries.

Moreover, check the signatures of the person. You will not need the skill of handwriting experts to identify a signature on a document or a card. Ask the person to sign on a paper to match them. A dramatically different signature will be a red flag.

Ask Different Questions

Bouncers often ask different questions to catch the lies of a fake identity holder. For instance, they ask for the date of birth, zodiac sign, and similar questions. Remember, suspects can learn their fake date of birth, but may not know their zodiac sign.

During this question-answer round, focus on their facial expressions and stammers in answers. It will help you to identify possible frauds. After catching an identity thief, you are responsible for handing over him/her to the police.