Let’s imagine you’re going to move house soon. Chances are you’ll start packing your belongings in the next few days so you have less to do when the big day comes. However, it’s very likely that you will realize you have more furniture than you need.

Perhaps you no longer need that large dining table or quite as many beds. But how can you get rid of them? Don’t worry, this article will take you through a few ideas. You don’t necessarily have to throw these items away, there are other options. Read on for some ideas:

Sell Your Unwanted Furniture

One of the first things you might want to try involves selling your unwanted furniture. If you can make some money out of the items you don’t want it’s worth a try. While you might not make a lot of money, the money that you do make could be put toward the cost of your house move.

Flea Market

Selling items at a flea market is always a lot of fun. Chances are that many people will see your furniture and want to take a close look at it. You should be prepared to be offered a low price, but that’s to be expected at a flea market.

You might also want to consider offering someone a discount if they choose to purchase more than one item. This way, you’re much more likely to make a sale.

Thrift Store

Thrift stores are great because someone else will sell your unwanted furniture for you but you’ll get a percentage of the price. In addition to this, while your furniture is up for sale it will not be stored in your home. This means you can carry on packing all of your belongings while you wait for the sale to take place.

Friends and Family

There’s a real chance that someone you know will want to buy your unwanted furniture. If you have a bed you no longer need, for example, you can always sell it to someone who does need one. Try to organize a time when they can come and view the bed and how they’re going to move it. Don’t forget to haggle on the price so they get a good deal and you make some money.

Donate Your Unwanted Furniture

If you’d rather not sell your unwanted furniture or your sale has been unsuccessful there is another option. You could always consider donating your unwanted furniture to charity. There are many people out there who are in need. Your unwanted furniture could make their life so much easier.

Charitable Foundations

Think about the charitable foundations in your area. Are some of them happy to have your furniture? Some charitable foundations will even collect the items from you. This means you will have to do a lot less work than you think.

Give the charitable foundation in question a call or go to their store and ask them if they will take your furniture. There might be some limitations as to what they can take, however, they will be grateful to receive most items.

One of the great things about some charitable organizations is if they can’t sell your furniture someone else will. Many organizations are connected. If venue A, for example, does not sell your furniture they’ll pass it on to venue B. this will give more people a chance to buy the furniture.

Friends and Family

Ask around and see if any of your friends and family would like your unwanted furniture. Some people will be more than happy to take the items off your hands for free. If you don’t know anyone who needs your furniture ask them to spread the word. Chances are they will know someone who is in need of something.

You could also post the information on local community groups to get the message out there. Let people know that you’re about to move house. This will encourage them to act quickly. They’ll know you cannot take the furniture with you so they’re likely to respond.

Tell everyone when your San Jose movers are arriving. As I previously mentioned, as soon as they know you have hired a moving company in San Jose they’ll know you need to get rid of your furniture quickly. You could always ask the local movers in San Jose whether they know of anyone who would like your unwanted items. Some might even be prepared to deliver them for you.

Disposing of Your Unwanted Furniture

If every other option fails, you might have no choice but to dispose of your unwanted furniture. However, all is not lost. Some waste disposal sites will happily take your furniture. This is because they will either recycle the parts or give your unwanted items to a charity.

Not all waste disposal sites will take your unwanted furniture to a landfill. These days, they’re much more environmentally conscious. Why not visit your local waste disposal site or check them out online? They’ll happily tell you what they will do with your furniture.

As you can see, there are many ways for you to sell, donate, or dispose of your unwanted furniture. You do not have to take these items with you when you move to a new home.

Whether you’ll have less room in your new home or you simply don’t want them anymore, there at plenty of options. You don’t have to sell your furniture unless you really want to. Be prepared to put some effort in if you do want to make a sale. If you choose to donate your furniture, you’ll find many people or charities who will be happy to take it off your hands.

Use the above suggestions to help you get rid of that unwanted furniture so you can make a fresh start in your new home. Now it’s time for you to start thinking about how you’ll sell donate, or dispose of your unwanted furniture.