Selling your property can be a nerve-wracking and exasperating experience. But with the right assistance, it does not have to be. Below are some tips to help you navigate:

1: Choose a Qualified Agency

With so many agencies within the Dubai property market, there is really no reason why one should take on such a daunting task by themselves. There is nothing that prevents you from doing such, but it’s always better to let the experts do their thing.

Some agencies have built a bad reputation for themselves, therefore, be sure to get a top real estate broker in Dubai – one who has gained the reputation that speaks for itself! After all, you wouldn’t want to trust just anyone with your asset.

2: Have Your Property Valued

A valuation of your property puts you in the driver’s seat of making a well-informed decision. You can’t simply throw a number into the air and expect the market to respond. Therefore, a valuation ensures that you don’t do yourself a disservice in underselling your asset while giving you an analysis of the market.

3: Presentation Is Fundamental

This is where your top real estate broker in Dubai comes into play.

Would you buy a house without seeing it? No. Hence effective marketing tools allow the potential buyer to get a feel for the estate hence enticing them to physically see it for themselves. With such a saturated market, you want to have all the tools available to you to attract that buyer.

4: Arrange Scheduled Viewing Times

Sales is a numbers game. You must work on maximizing your property viewings in order to increase your chances of a sale. Be sure to discuss with your agent how often you can accommodate viewing times.

5: Familiarize Yourself With The Procedures Of Selling

Once you’ve had your home on the market for some time, at some point, you should receive an offer (hopefully). Once an offer is received, your agent would inform you of such while guiding you to make an informed decision.

Once you have agreed to sell your property, this is where the official sales process begins. Letters would be drafted, and all parties would sign off on the agreed price. Once this is done, a deposit would be required from the purchaser as well as an agreed upon handover date.

Lastly, the ownership title is then transferred from the previous owner to the buyer. This takes places at the Dubai Lands Department or the Master Developers Offices.

Make sure you have all the required documents as, without them, your sale would fall flat.