Originally designed for the XBOX, the Kodi software is a multimedia platform that lets you stream a wide range of content all in one place, on practically any device you want.

Kodi is a recognizable name in home entertainment; people can watch anything from live television and sports to films and binge-worthy television series, and use it to display pictures, play music and podcasts, and even customize the whole experience to their own needs.

Due to its collaborative structure (with the software being free and open-source), it’s led to developers creating add-ons, plugins, and even Kodi boxes for TVs that work just like set-top boxes used to.

The organization handling the project is a non-profit with a democratic setup, instead of a large corporation looking for subscribers. In fact, Kodi is completely open in its nature, being consistently upgraded and updated by over 500 software developers working on the actual app.

The ‘No Stream Available’ error

However, all this means Kodi is also always open to troubleshooting; the notorious ‘No stream available’ message is one that pesters many people just as they finally sit down to relax with some music or show – or perhaps a live match, which they’ll now miss.

Getting to the root of this problem is tricky. Any reason from a number of reasons could be your specific one. However, we’re here to help you by process of elimination.

Are you trying to access geo-blocked content?

Alongside the add-ons and boxes, there’s also a wide range of Kodi-specific VPNs. Yes, in many cases, the reason for the notorious and frustrating No Stream Available error is simply that your ISP is blocking the content you’re trying to access.

Take a look at this link that discusses a VPN called Private Internet Access VPN for kodi:. This specifically discusses the impact of geo-blocking, not only on Kodi but its competitors as well; of course, a VPN gets you around this problem on whichever site you’re on.

A VPN – a Virtual Private Network, if you’re unaware – essentially changes your IP address, the unique identifier that your computer shows websites.

The IP address also outs your location; the website can now filter any content that it deems should be inaccessible in your country. The VPN, however, can present you as being from whichever country you want it to.

Using a VPN on Kodi can also protect you when it comes to your data being logged by an add-on you might be relying on. You should also never access pirated streams and libraries unless you have the peace of mind of being protected by your VPN.

Routine checks

Mostly this problem, frustrating as it would be, won’t require a programmer-level error debugging on your part. You can attempt some simple checks and more often than not, one of these happens to be the fix.

Is the date and time on your Kodi current? Does it keep resetting? If so, this might be the issue. Updating the date and time would stop the content from basically blocking itself since under this the only content you’ll see will be from the date you’re stuck at.

At other times, the media you’re trying to access is offline at the moment. If it’s a specific piece of content that gives you the No Stream Available error, but other ones don’t – check back later.

However, it’s wholly possible that the source of your media has been permanently removed from the Internet. In the case of most third-party Add-ons, this is often the case.

Check your add-ons’ cache

An important rule of thumb on most devices, but mostly Kodi, is to keep an eye on what needs updating.

Two of Kodi’s most popular add-ons, Covenant and Exodus, come with options to clear their cache and providers. If you have either one of these, your first move should be this.

(Failing this, uninstalling and reinstalling the package. You should do this by uninstalling it through the Packages icon in the Add-ons menu, and reinstalling it via a trusted repository).

To clear Cache and Providers, go to the Tools section of the Add-on and click Clear Providers and Clear Cache, respectively.

Change your add-ons’ stream time

Another spanner in the works that might have a surprisingly simple solution, related again to your Add-On.

In the Tools menu for your Add-On, navigate to the General settings tab. Here you will find an option for Providers Timeout. Use the slider to increase the value to at least 30 seconds. If this was the issue, refreshing the stream should now work.


If you’ve followed the steps through to the best of your abilities, don’t panic. With content that ranges this wide, you can expect some sources to be offline and add-ons that keep going in and out of date.

Ensure that your Internet is fast enough to handle streaming and that your Internet Service Provider isn’t throttling your bandwidth or data – something you can’t do much about unless you have a VPN. In fact, routine checks and a VPN might just solve most of your Kodi problems.