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Vietnamese women are known for their covert and shy nature. It is difficult for men interested in them to find out whether or not a Vietnamese girl likes them back. Additionally, their aloof nature creates a sense of uncertainty in interested men about how these women will perceive their advances. What if they find a man’s dating proposal offensive? Nobody wants to put off a woman they hope to date.

To makes things simpler with you and help you get along with Vietnamese women smoothly, let’s see how to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you.

Signs A Vietnamese Woman Likes You

To avoid confusion and help you approach them confidently, here is a list of few signs which will help you assess whether or not a Vietnamese girl likes you.

Eye Contact

The first sign to tell whether or not a Vietnamese woman likes you is the ‘eye contact’. If a Vietnamese woman likes a man, she will make consistent eye contact with him every time their paths cross. However, if she doesn’t, she will simply look away and walk past him.

Facial Expressions

The second sign is to look for her smile. If a Vietnamese woman smiles, makes eye contact, and has a soft expression on her face while talking to a man, it means that she likes his company. This can even be perceived as a positive sign for asking her out for future meetups.

Holding the Conversation

When a Vietnamese woman likes a man, she tries to hold a conversation with him on topics that interest her. If she doesn’t, she gives short concise responses and rarely initiates a conversation it indicates that she wishes to be left alone.

If your Vietnamese girl is trying to initiate a conversation and talk to you about anything she likes, it is a sign that she likes you and wants to continue seeing you. Be wise and seize this opportunity. Get to learn more about her interests and hobbies and tell her yours.

Enjoys Your Sense of Humor

Since Vietnamese women are very shy, they rarely engage in cracking jokes with strangers. This makes it even more difficult to assess whether or not they are interested in you. However, if a Vietnamese woman is constantly laughing at your jokes, engages in funny conversation with you, and compliments you on your sense of humor, you are in for the good news. This girl really likes you and you should keep making her happy with your funny nature.

Bringing in the Family

The real telltale sign if a Vietnamese woman likes you is that she will start discussing her family with you. She will bring up issues related to them in the middle of a discussion and might as well seek counsel/advice from you on her personal matters.

Moreover, she will introduce you to her family members and ask you to do the same. When your solo interactions turn into family gatherings, chances are your Vietnamese diva is highly interested in getting hitched to you.

Friendly Body Language

One of the most expressive signs of someone’s affection for us is their physical gestures. This is exactly what our sixth sign is about. If you are still wondering how to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you then focus on her body language.

If a Vietnamese woman dislikes you or is indifferent towards you, she would keep her distance from you. However, if she likes you she might as well touch your hand, hold your arm and lean on your shoulder. She would be very friendly around you and wouldn’t mind sitting close to you.

Sharing Her Personal Life

A Vietnamese woman would never open up to a total stranger about her personal life. However, if you see a Vietnamese girl telling you details of her personal life and past experiences, it is a clear sign that she likes you. You must reciprocate her efforts and share the details of your life too. The personal details do not necessarily have to be about ex-partners or lovers. You can talk to her about your visits to a foreign land or childhood.

Asking About Your Girl Friend

The last and most obvious sign of whether a Vietnamese girl likes you is her interest in your relationships. If she asks you clearly whether you are dating someone or not, it is a very obvious sign that she is thinking along those lines. If you are genuinely interested in winning her affections that take this opportunity and tell her your heart’s desire, win her over with your sincere compliments and be vocal about your affections.


Vietnamese girls are really simple at heart. All it takes to win their hearts is to show them a little respect for who they are and their culture and care. Both of these attributes are signs of a healthy relationship. If you are sincerely interested in a Vietnamese girl, check for the signs mentioned. If you can relate to any of the above, then know that your Vietnamese lady is very much interested in you.