Egypt Nile cruises are a place to find love, make friends, and experience both the wild and the tender sides of Mother Nature. A few years ago, cruises were mostly associated with honeymooners and elitist travelers. But today, any thrill-seeking adventurer can take their chances on a Nile Cruise Vacation and enjoy the limitless fun of interacting with foreign nationals while visiting the ocean’s hidden treasures.

A cruise enables you to travel in a self-contained environment that features all the modern conveniences. Regardless of the cruise cabin you choose, you’ll likely get comfortable beds, a sitting area, a well-stocked bathroom, and a flat-screen TV to ensure you catch up on the latest movies and TV shows. In this post, we shall hunker down on how to watch your favorite television programs on a cruise ship TV.

Start by Watching the Ship’s Specific Channels

As we’ve already highlighted, most cruise staterooms are equipped with numerous entertainment facilities, such as a state-of-the-art television. And these televisions usually come with many ship-specific channels. You can tune in to these channels to stay in the loop on the ship’s main onboard events, activities, and highlights for each day.

There is usually a channel that streams videos from the ship deck’s point of view. This channel brings daylight and the general outdoor conditions right to your stateroom.

If you travel on a luxury cruise, you’ll also find other channels that feature video recordings of motivating and enlightening talks that are delivered on board by travel experts. Through these talk shows, you’ll learn about the interesting sightseeing opportunities to look forward to, as well as shore excursion highlights, ports of call, and shopping tips.

And contrary to what you may think, ship-specific channels aren’t populated by ads and programs that are marketing the cruise line. Instead, they are packed with much resourceful television shows that you’ll find entertaining and enlightening.

So, on your first time on a cruise vacation, you’ll want to invest in ship-specific channels before you can possibly switch to your favorite television programs and movie shows.

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A cruise ship at sunset

Understand How to Connect Your Entertainment Gadgets to the Ship TV

Watching the ship’s specific channels is instrumental in learning a thing or two about any upcoming onboard activities. However, it’s not good enough for those looking for exotic entertainment experiences.

Sadly, some cruise lines are notorious for disabling the HDMI inputs on their television sets, so that their guests can wrongfully assume that those TVs are incompatible with laptops and DVD players. That’s a cunning trick that those cruise lines usually deploy to have their clients glued only to the available programming. Other companies will intentionally lock you out so that you can use their Pay per View movie services.

Thankfully, most reputable companies allow their clients to connect their laptops, DVD players, and other personal entertainment gadgets to the ship’s televisions and uncover limitless fun.

But how do you go about the installation?

The following are some of the equipment that you’ll require;

An HDMI cable

Choose a cable that’s a minimum of 10-feet long. That will offer you much convenience in terms of where you can use the laptop within the stateroom. On the same breath, avoid overly long cables that may cause entanglements within the room

A Universal Remote Control

A standalone universal control is another important equipment you’ll require; otherwise, you’ll be locked out of your favorite channels for the duration of the cruise. Fortunately, the internet is awash with hundreds of universal remote controllers that you can experiment with.

Laptop Remote Control

As you shop for a TV remote, also look for a laptop remote control. Consider a wireless mouse as then; you won’t have to maintain close proximity to your laptop to download or play your movies.

Video Source

A video source is a platform where you can play your movies and audios. Most travelers will settle for their laptops. But so that you don’t overwork your PC, you might opt for a portable DVD player or a game console.

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Audio and video cables

Connecting the HDMI to Your Ship’s TV

When installing an HDMI cable onto your cruise ship’s television, the best practice is to do it while the ship is still docked. That way, you’ll easily find any specific frequency codes required to complete the connection process. After finding the correct code, your universal remote controller should now be able to control all the functionalities of the TV.

The next step is to check for external buttons and ports on the TV and ensure these ports and buttons function. These features are usually located at the back or on one side of the TV. If everything is okay, tilt the TV slightly and plug in the cable, then plug the other ends of these cables into your PC, gaming console, or the video source you’re using.

Next, tap onto the input selection button located on your remote to sync the two devices. If everything works out fine, the display on your video source should reflect on the ship’s television screen.

Enjoy your movies and favorite TV shows and when you’re done, restore the inputs to their original settings to enable the new cabin occupant to use them with ease.

Note: You’ll need a stable internet to stream your favorite movies and TV programs. Again, most cruise lines offer a Wi-Fi connection as part of their travel packages. But these connections can be quite spotty, considering the high number of users. Your best bet is to carry an additional source of internet, such as a modem or router.

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A couple watching a movie on a laptop

Do a Balancing Act

You may be lucky to book a cruise ship that offers movie rental services. While this option is still somewhat limited in terms of the number and types of movies you can watch, it’s a great add-on. But it will require you to do some balancing act.

If you find it inconveniencing to carry your laptop, gaming console, or DVD player on a cruise vacation, you can settle for movie rentals instead. And even if you insist on carrying a video source to the ship, always check whether the movie rental services are part of the package. That will prevent you from using up the ship’s internet (or your own) downloading movies that you can easily rent.

Wrapping Up

Evidently, there are numerous ways to enjoy your favorite TV shows on a cruise ship. Generally, you should start by sampling the channels available. If the ship provides smart TVs, streaming movies will simply require you to download apps for video streaming service providers, such as Hulu, Netflix, etc. In most cases, Egypt tour packages with Nile cruise don’t offer smart TVs, and their programming options are limited. Therefore, your best bet is to carry your own video source, connect it to the ship’s TV and begin streaming your preferred programs and movies.