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Now more and more people need the ability to write high-quality articles: bloggers, journalists, advertisers, and even students. WritingAPaper is perfect for students and everyone who needs support with their writing skills. This is useful for business, hobbies, and self-development. How do you learn this?

How to write articles

To succeed in this field, you must follow at least some basic rules. They do not need to be taught, it is very easy to remember them. We were all taught to write articles in English classes at school. Do you remember how you racked your brains over an essay on Hemingway? This is copywriting.

First, you need to choose what to write about. It is not so easy to find an unworn topic that will also be interesting to a large number of people. There is another option — to write about what you like, but first look at what the search engines show for this query on the first page, and write better. Much better!

Sometimes, of course, you just want to write about something, regardless of the search engine results, or other conditions. For example, your mood, impressions of the movie, thoughts about life. Write what you want, but do not forget that this topic may be unpopular.

Before you start writing, you need to collect as much information as possible, find a couple of fun facts, some statistics, analyze all this, and then make an outline for the article. Of course, for those who write for a long time, in most cases, the plan is not required: the scheme of writing itself is formed in the head, it becomes clear what and why to write. But for a beginner, in order not to sit in front of an empty monitor, it is better to immediately outline a work plan.

The article usually consists of the following parts:

An announcement is a summary or just an explanation of why you decided to write on this topic (this is often done by bloggers who write in the first person). It is necessary to indicate why this article will interest the reader and what he will learn from it for himself.

Introduction – facts, different views on the problem under consideration, statistics. Questions that you want to consider in the article.

Your vision of the problem and the arguments are the largest part of the article, where the author expresses his judgment and argues for it, makes comparisons, and describes the topic. The main task to be clear and precise, to write only to the point. Whether the reader sees a professional approach to the matter, finds fresh thoughts on this issue, and feels the author’s style depends on whether he will stay with you or not.

Conclusions and recommendations — a conclusion about what the author wanted to convey to readers.

The outline may change depending on the topic, the author’s style, the volume of the text, and other factors. In addition, it is not necessary to write in order, because no one sees your draft, where you could have started from the middle or even from the end. The most important thing is to start writing. Gradually, a clear picture of the future article will be formed.

If you lost the inspiration, do not force yourself to work. It is better to get up from the computer and do something else: drink tea, crumple the pillow, wash the dishes, do a warm-up or clean up. After 10 minutes, you can return to work.

When the article is ready, leave it for a while and look at it the next day — you will find a lot of interesting things, maybe even rewrite everything. The final version should be carefully checked for all types of errors. You can use specialized services for this purpose.

Why we write

When you have a blog and you need to constantly write there, one of the serious problems is motivation. How to write articles if the blog is young, there only a few readers, and there are no comments?

In general, everyone’s motives are different: some blog for the sake of money, some for self-fulfillment, the others because everyone does it. Therefore, for some, the best motivator will be a photo of an expensive thing on the desktop, for others — the first real money earned on the Internet, and for others – the attention of readers and their comments. First of all, you need to sit down and think about what motivates you best.

My motivation is the desire to share information, to give true value to the readers. I don’t want to be just an observer, but also a creator, a small creator. There is, of course, laziness, and sometimes this state lasts for a long time, but we are all people. Sooner or later, inspiration comes or an event happens that you want to tell about, and everything goes back to normal.

Finding Inspiration

Read the comments on the posts on the site.

Describe the social events you plan to attend or participate in.

Expose myths or legends.

Write an article about a national or international event.

Find an unusual solution to a common problem.

Take a look at your favorite groups on social media, suddenly they are discussing something juicy.

Write about the success of an interesting person.

Tell us about some new service, gadget, or cake that you have tried out.

Think of a movie that surprised you or changed your mind.

Tell us about researching something. It can be anything, even hydroponics.

Get an interview with someone.

Write about your top movies, games, blogs, books, or TV shows.

Take a closer look at popular resources and try to understand why others are interested in them.

Criticize some product or service that you would never recommend to others.

Tell an amazing story on the verge of fiction.

Take a serious topic and open it with humor.

If you are just starting to write, then keep in mind the following tips:

  • Come up with a catchy title.
  • Structure the post.
  • It is better to write less often and better than more often and worse.
  • Look for inspiration.

Success comes only to those who write and who are read, but how to create interesting articles? This skill comes with experience. Pay attention to the first and last articles of famous bloggers. The difference is insane, and it’s only been 1-2 years. They just learned, memorized the best chips of their competitors, tried different options, and practiced a lot.

This path will is for anyone who wants to write fast, interesting, and efficient. Write, don’t stop.