You can do your homework much faster than it usually takes you. Check out some tips from “A” – students who know how to manage their time and get the best grades they can without sacrificing their social life, hobbies, and sleep.

Write an outline

A good plan will make the writing process much easier. There is a commonly used introduction-body-conclusion structure that applies to every piece of writing, including academic papers. Think of the main idea of your essay. Use your topic and the prompts from your teacher as your guidelines. Mind the word count and don’t try to put a research project into a 2-page essay.

Start somewhere

Some non-fiction authors say that you have to write your first page knowing that you will have to delete and rewrite it when you finish your manuscript. Just deal that you will have to rewrite your introduction when the paper is finished. This will help you to keep going and don’t get stuck in front of the blanc page.

Use hedging language

Have you ever found yourself deep at night, googling “Do penguins have knees?” when writing a one-page essay on introductory evolution? Because we had, and this hasn’t finished well. Of course, it’s always better to make your research beforehand and be able to prove every statement you do with a reliable source. Unfortunately, in most cases, we simply don’t have enough time to double-check every theory.

Write a draft of your paper using hedging words like “some,” “several,” “multiple,” or “in most cases” and try to find some exact numbers only if you have some time left for more detailed research. Also, apply all the “hereinafter,” “therefore,” and “as a result” in your writing, to improve its flow and make your paper look more academic.

Have a good example in front of you

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If you’re not ready to pay for professional help, at least check out some free samples the company provides: they will demonstrate to you how your paper should be structured and what vocabulary should be used to make your essay look good.

Use Wikipedia

If you’re unfamiliar with the topic, start from Wikipedia. Of curse, this is not the most trustworthy online source and you definitely shouldn’t refer to it in your bibliography section, but what you can do is looking through the sources the author has mentioned under the article. There you will find some reliable references to international magazines and scientific journals. Have a glance at them and mention them in your own list of citations if they look nice.

Another recommendation concerning your sources is always to write down the full information about them the very moment you’ve used them. Otherwise, you might forget where you’ve got this or that piece of information and will have to spend hours searching for the initial article.

Don’t edit your essay right away

Give your essay at least several hours to lay still before you start editing it. If you work hard and long on a piece of writing, you stop noticing flaws in it. If you’re prone to some particular mistakes, make s check-list to surely eliminate them before you turn your paper in. For example, make sure there are no “very,” “really,” and “so” in your paper by searching for them with Ctrl+F. Also, don’t ignore spellcheckers, as they are extremely clever nowadays.

Briefly speaking, start on time, plan your work, and forget about perfectionism.