Whether it is South Korea’s Daniel Dae Kim or Lee Byung-hun, China’s Donnie Yen, Taiwan’s Godfrey Gao or Thailand’s Tony Jaa, Asia has some of the most handsome and physically fit leading men in the film.

Part of why they stay in such great shape is because they know that doing so positions them to get more roles. But another important reason is that they love the way they feel when they are in top physical form. Some of the men on the list of Asia’s most fit actors are well into o even past their forties. To keep in shape they follow a routine that pays off. Here are the things they do to always stay looking good.

The Diet

Asian film stars make sure that they keep a good diet to help them to stay in shape and look good. This means that they eat balanced meals that include the right food groups and that deliver the perfect amount of calories to them. This includes a diet that has carbohydrates, proteins, and good fats in the right proportions.

They also stay away from processed foods that contain too much sugar and salt. They never have these as meals and in terms of sacks, they definitely shy away from things like potato chips and candy. Instead they at fruits, nuts, and seeds as snacks. They may take a binge day during the week, but keeping to this diet helps them to stay trim.

Their diet also includes the right supplements. Working on movies, having tough work and travel schedules, and always combatting stress can deplete the body of vital nutrients, and also as you age things like testosterone can diminish in the body. This vital male hormone helps to provide energy and keep the male libido high. As males age, they can find their energy level decreasing and the feel sluggish, all because of lower testosterone. Many Asian males have discovered Eurycoma Longifolia which is an Asian herb that increases testosterone production. When used regularly, it can boost energy and have any male ready for whatever the day brings.

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The Gym

Every fit-looking Asia actor spends a part of his time exercising, and it usually happens at the gym. The gym is the perfect place for working out because it is a place where you can surround yourself with the right equipment, get a trainer and watch as others sweat their pounds off. If you go to any popular gym in big Asian cities like Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, or Beijing you will find male film stars hitting the iron or taking a spin class.

The Stress

Stress is a state of mind where you feel out of control and cannot do anything to rein things in. it is a medical condition that can cause a range of other health related problems for men. When stress is out of control, you look bad, do not sleep well, and find it hard to get through your day. This directly impacts how you feel. So controlling stress is a key element of why a male Asian movie star looks good. Many of them adopt stress reduction strategies that might include Tai Chi, Yoga, or meditation. These disciplines focus on getting you away from your stress-related problems and getting you to relax and unwind.

When you see your favorite male Asian movie star and you think about how good he looks, now you understand that it is not by chance. He is putting in the word to look and feel great.