“Just Dance” KBS2 (Image Source: Hancinema.net)


 Just Dancetells the story of a group of young women performing sports dances (competitive ballroom dances) at the Geoje Girls Vocational Institute. It is based on the documentary ‘Dance Sports Girls’ by KBS1del, where the girls of the Institute dream different dreams and in turn prepare to get a job in a shipyard where restructuring has been recently initiated. They have low grades, but their efforts to try to be better dancers are of unlimited.


Park Se Wan as Kim Shi Eun

She is a young woman who lost her adolescence due to the circumstances of her life. Shi Eun lives in Geoje where people think they are sophisticated and think that progress and freedom is very far from them, her dream is to escape from this place that is like a landmine and become an important filmmaker, for this she devotes all her adolescence to achieve her dream.

Jang Dong Yoon as Kwon Seung Chan

He is a very introverted young man, an innate quality in him. whose great objective since he was eight years old is to become a “Man”. He inherited all the teachings of his father, although he did not learn much about him, but he does keep with much appreciation all the dance lessons given to him by his mother, who was a dance student. He has many funny memories about dancing.

Lee Joo Young as Park Hye Jin

Hye Jin grew up in her grandmother’s arms since a very young age, she chose to grow up quickly in an adult, and doesn’t trust people. Her way of thinking about life is to be a strong and independent person in order to overcome the harshness and fruitlessness of life. With a series of events she manages to enter Geoje’s academy but her intention to be there generates many doubts.

Joo Hae Eun as Yang Na Young

Although she considers herself a spectacular girl, she can’t understand why she is so lonely, with eighteen years old she feels she hasn’t lived enough. But at some point when she realizes more about herself, things start to change.

Shin Do Hyun as Lee Ye Ji

She was one of the most popular girls in the academy, but an unexpected event hurt her deeply. Now she lives a life full of nervousness due to the wound in her heart. She has no greater interest than to be with her friends and eat.

Just Dance” will be airing in the KBS2 time slot on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 pm, previously occupied by “Matrimonial Chaos” and is a school drama about dance. This drama shows the growth of young people who are willing to take full responsibility of their own lives, and fight for something together. And it is expected to be a joy for all those who deny that their lives are insignificant and refuse to surrender before adversities.

Dance Sports Girls” which won an award at the BaeksangArts Awards, is what sustains this drama, it brings together the two young actors Park Se Wan and Jang Dong Yoon as protagonists, having already worked together at “School 2017“. Both gave statements about their roles and their continued participation together.

Park Se Wan commented, “It would be a lie to say I didn’t feel the pressure. I even cried when I had trouble learning the dance moves. But once I read the script I didn’t want to let this project go. I thought I would be very sorry if I didn’t. I’m enjoying the recording because I’ve managed to make a character like that“.

Jang Dong Yoon said of his co-star: “We’ve worked together before, so I was glad to see her on set again. We shared a lot of scenes together, so I thought it was a relief. It’s more comfortable than with someone completely new. There was also no need to be cautious when we shared our thoughts about acting. I think it benefited both of us“.

Park Se Wan added: “We have been friends even before the end of School 2017. I was relieved to know that my partner was someone I knew well“. For those who like dancing and youth dramas “Just Dance” is a very good option, so don’t miss it and enjoy it.

“Just Dance” KBS2 (Image Source: Hancinema.net)