With everything going normally for global business, the year 2020 was suddenly hit by a global pandemic called Covid19. Since then the topmost companies in the world like Apple, Google, Amazon, and many others have had a large impact and have mandated remote working for all their employees.

Covid-19 has not only hit these major companies but also all the other business types in the world. While consumers are busy handling their day to day challenges, managing to avoid and fight the pandemic, companies are suffering huge losses.

Ever since the pandemic started, consumers have been spending on essential items rather than anything else. This has led to a large shortfall in the demand for the products, leading to loss. For larger companies and huge firms, this might seem a long temporary displacement and minor inconvenience, but the leaders of smaller businesses are currently struggling to maintain their identity in the market and keep their brands living.

Remote working was considered to be a perk or privilege before the pandemic, and only a few companies had the infrastructure for that setup. However, after the pandemic, many companies had to suffer in productivity as they were unable to set up remote working structures immediately.

Although slowly, each company has now allowed remote working, which seems to be the future of global business, at least for the next year, until the vaccine is developed. Covid19 is the new reality for every business and they should start adjusting their process and work culture according to it to maintain their business. Let’s have a look at a few things that one can do to make sure that their business keeps on running regardless of the current COVID 19 situation.

Keep promoting your brand

The current situation is very negative in the market due to which most of the companies have been busy in supplying essential commodities to the people. Also, since the situation is globally critical, none of the consumers is currently investing or buying products that are not essential for living.

During this time, it is very important for people to know and be aware of your brand as well. As slowly, the global market is starting to open up in phases and in a controller manner, it is crucial that a business should promote its brand right now.

Many companies have launched their own coronavirus magnets, which not only promotes their brand but also gives a special message to fight Coronavirus. Similarly, someone’s have sponsored groups who are helping people fight the battle against coronavirus as social service.

Remote working team

During this time, there have been a lot of companies who have suffered great losses and had to fire a lot of people. The cost of maintaining the infrastructure and other physical aspects contributed a lot to the cost. Since COVID 19 is here to stay for a long time until the vaccine is ready, it would be wise for the companies to create a fully remote workforce. They will be able to communicate through video conferencing and will perform in the same working hours and in the same way as in the office.

Long term setup

Whatever changes a business goes through in the time for Covid19, will not be a temporary one. These situations should help the company to refine and update the work from home or remote working policies. This will not only help the company to face any such situation in the future, but they will not face any sudden impact as they have during the COVID 19 pandemic.