Although there are many tools available that bitcoin traders use to estimate the cryptocurrency market, one of the most useful ways is technical analysis. A better estimate of the market and effective key trends can be obtained using this method which enables the traders to get a better insight and make better predictions. They also consider the security’s history, adopting a practical approach to get an insight into the market and a sense of security for the particular market.

Here we have discussed the background of technical analysis and what advantages it brings.


It is vital to know the fundamental concepts of Dow theory in order to get a better understanding of technical analysis. This theory has laid the basis for evaluating securities for this method. Some of its basic assumptions are:

  1. Everything is discounted in the market. All the activities of past, present, and future are taken into account before declaring the prices. For example in the case of bitcoin, all the past, present, and future hikes are taken into account and as well as the rules impacting the digital currency.
  2. Prices movements follow a trend and are not fully random. This trend can either be for a shorter span or a longer span. It is more likely that a security trend that has been formed, will go against it. Traders can estimate these trends and via technical analysis, they can get profit from them.
  3. ‘What’ has more significance as compared to ‘why’. More focus is on the price of history of security is given by the Technicians as compared to the thing which caused it. Technicians give more importance to the supply and demand approach instead of the factors that have caused security’s price to move in a specific direction.
  4. History often repeats itself. The psychology of the market is somewhat predictable and the traders behave the same way in some known conditions occur.

Identifying Trends

For the bitcoin traders, it can be very helpful if they can identify the direction and trend in which the security is moving. But determining these trends can be tricky. By looking at the chart of bitcoin price movements, it indicates that these digital currencies are very volatile and show a series of lows and highs.

However, an uptrend can be inferred if a technician sees higher highs and as well as higher lows. Similarly for a downtrend, there are a series of lower highs and lower lows. There can be a trend not from these where there is only a little upward or downward movement. Traders should know about the lengths of any trends, whether they are for a longer period or a shorter period.

Moving Averages

One procedure bitcoin brokers can use to all the more effectively distinguish patterns is to utilize ‘moving averages, which help smooth out an advanced cash’s value changes so market members can improve the feeling of where the cost has been going.

The most fundamental sort of moving normal is the ‘simple moving normal’, which is controlled by ascertaining a security’s normal cost throughout a particular period. Merchants may take a gander at what bitcoin has done over a five-day or 20-day time frame, for instance.

A comparable apparatus that bitcoin brokers can utilize is the ‘exponential moving normal’, which gives more prominent accentuation to later value esteems while figuring a normal.

By examining moving averages, dealers can improve their feeling of when energy shifts. For instance, if five-day moving normal falls under a 20-day moving normal, this advancement could highlight a positively trending market turning bearish. Should the contrary happen, with the more limited normal transcending the more drawn-out normal, the opposite is valid.

Resistance and Support

Another vital apparatus is the examination of resistance and support levels. By recognizing these levels, bitcoin merchants can help improve the feeling of the organic market encompassing the advanced cash.

The help level is viably the cost at which countless merchants will purchase security since they trust it is ‘oversold’ (ie sold at a cost beneath its apparent genuine worth). As the security moves toward this value, market members step in and buy it, making a ‘story.

For instance, if bitcoin costs exchange above $1,000 for a few days, any retreat to this value level may provoke market members to accept the money is oversold and subsequently begin purchasing.

The partner to support is resistance, which is a value level where countless brokers are roused to sell security since they think it is ‘overbought’ (ie exaggerated because of numerous dealers purchasing at unnecessarily exorbitant costs).

Bitcoin at times vacillates between levels of support and resistance, which cooperate to make a reach. This is called ‘rangebound exchanging’, and sets out open doors for dealers to purchase bitcoin when it is close to the lower part of the reach and sell when it is near the top.

Volume’s Key Role

Bitcoin merchants should remember that volume plays a significant part in assessing value patterns. The high volume focuses on solid value patterns, while the low volume demonstrates more fragile patterns. On the off chance that bitcoin costs experience a huge increase or misfortune, dealers ought to make certain to look at volume.

For instance, if bitcoin appreciates a long upturn and, decreases strongly one day, it merits looking at volume to improve the feeling of whether this descending development addresses another pattern or just a transitory pullback.

For the most part, rising costs correspond with expanding volume. If bitcoin costs appreciate an upswing, however, the money’s upward developments occur during feeble volume, this could imply that the pattern is running on empty and could before long be finished.


With the help of technical analysis, traders can get an idea about the market trends and this helps them to make better decisions. As a starter, one must focus on the price and volume of security. However, there can be a chance that one might miss out on the opportunity to buy bitcoin when it is of lesser value. All this comes with experience and patience. Bitcoin Era seems like a good place to start, so what’s the wait for?