Korean dramas have earned popularity throughout the world and continue to attract viewers. Most of these are readily available on the internet, and viewers take advantage of this. Most Korean dramas, or k-dramas, build fan followings and as of late, have formed solid groups for themselves. K-dramas, which are considered as the classics, such as “Boys Over Flowers,” “The Heirs” and “Trust No One” have now been adopted by a few American TV exhibits. In general, the Korean culture is taking the world by storm, with K-pop stars BTS topping charts (even overthrowing The Beatles), and Korean barbeque grills popping up here and there. Even the world of the academe is plagued by the Korean culture hit, with orders flooding in for research papers on sites like customessaymeister. Subsequently, there’s rising curiosity around the reason why the Koreans are dominating the Western world in the first place – upcoming Korean dramas. Morgan Sung, a writer from Mashable Asia, vividly explains why K-dramas leave such an impact on its audience. She also includes all the Korean drama classics – in other words, where it all started.

No matter the standpoint, K-drama fans remain eager, and the demand for these dramas increase each year. If you’re looking for more sleepless nights (worth it!), here some of the best dramas scheduled to be released between 2019 and 2020:


Vagabond is a thriller, and the premise provided is intriguing. Starring Lee Seung-gi and Cha Dal Gun, this story revolves around the story of Cha Dal Gun’s character. He is a stunt double that dreams of a breakthrough in motion films, but at some point, he suffers from an aircraft crash. From there, he finds his life completely upturned, in which he becomes entangled in a corruption scandal.

Best Chicken or Greatest Hen

Best Chicken is a tender drama, which revolves between two people who meet and help each other out. This is starred by Park Sun Ho and Park Choi Go. The main protagonist dreams to be a successful hen restaurant proprietor and aim to be among the top in the industry. He meets a woman tending to a bathhouse and isolates herself from the rest of society.

That Psychometric Man

This drama is about a man with a gift, which is psychometric – it makes him capable of reading memories of an individual. Because of this power, his main purpose is to rid the world of all evil. The catch is he isn’t really clever, but meets a lady with deep psychological trauma. Both of them team up to rid the world of evil while discovering themselves along the way.

So I Married an Anti-Fan

One of the most anticipated k-dramas is this romantic comedy called ‘So I Married an Anti-Fan.’ The premise is quite stereotypical, which begins with two people disliking one another. With numerous encounters, though, they begin seeing each other in a different light. Later on, they become attracted to one another and fall in love. Despite its linear premise, though, this formula works for most k-dramas because writers and producers continue to discover new plots to make it interesting.


The ever-popular Netflix continues to top charts, and they once again adopt a Korean story, but this time with a unique premise. Set at a historic time, this involves zombies and political turmoil. The crown prince of the Joseon era finds himself in a gruesome situation, where the leaders want him murdered, and the kingdom is plagued with a mysterious illness. He then is set off to a life-threatening journey of finding himself and saving his beloved kingdom.


Babel is an upcoming Korean drama that mixes romance and thriller, which simply makes it fascinating. The plot revolves around two main characters, one them arrested for murdering her husband, and the other out to get revenge for the death of his father, which was followed by the suicide of his mother.

The Light in Your Eyes

This drama revolves around Kim Hye-Ja, who dreams of becoming an announcer. Later, she wakes up on the body if a 70-year-old lady, with the power to control time. In the present time, Lee Joon-Ha also struggles to become a reporter and despite his efforts, realizes that it’s impossible. The two cross paths and their adventure begins.

Asadal Chronicles

This will be aired on the tv community tvN, where the story narrates a historic story of love, struggle, and progress in the metropolis of Asadal, which is believed to be the capital of Gojoseon.

Merchandise or “Item”

Merchandise or Item is an upcoming supernatural K-drama. The story begins with two individuals attempting to research on a certain conspiracy, which is beyond those common ones involving corrupt politicians or shrewd businessmen, as this involves supernatural beings.

Love Alarm

Another one from Netflix, Love Alarm is a romantic K-drama that will be launched this year. It is reported to have eight episodes and is based on a webtoon of the same title. The story is about a dating app, which alerts the users if their secret admirer or “match” is within the 10-meter radius. This causes three college students to be stuck in a love triangle.


Abyss revolves around two individuals – a gorgeous female prosecutor and an unsightly man. Their roles and appearances are suddenly reversed as a result of consuming a mysterious bread. The gorgeous prosecutor turns unsightly, while the man turns extraordinarily good-looking. The adventure begins as the prosecutor researches the reason for this change, where she ends up discovering true love.


This is one of the most sought after K-dramas, where it narrates the story of two different people utilizing their allotted time in life. It is full of time-bending and age-swapping, which can be confusing for some viewers, but undeniably comedic and romance-filled. The individuals live in the same moment but have different perspectives of their time.

These are just some of the best that K-drama fans are raving about, as there are plenty of worthy content and stories to binge watch! If you’re looking for more, check out the link below:

The Korean culture continues to take over the rest of the world and for a good reason. They make the simple interesting and provide for a unique cultural experience. See that first hand with their creative K-dramas!