“Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show” (Image Source: Soompi.com)


Korean boy group EXO has been news lately because of their new breaking album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” receiving the popularity award at the 2018 Korean popular Music Awards.
EXO Debuted in 2012 and escalated quickly in popularity.
EXO‘s member Kai appeared as a guest on the radio broadcast “Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show” where he sincere himself and dropped some meaningful information on fans.
Thinking in his 8 years of trajectory has a musician, Kim Jong In, A.k.a Kai, revealed that he’s been feeling very happy these days for doing what he loves the most.
At the beginning of the program, Moon Hee Jun complimented Kai‘s dancing skills, as he is the main dancer of the group fans tend to go crazy for his moves.
after talking about kai‘s dance skills, activities during the current year and fans activities, a fan asked Moon Hee Jun for a question to the artist.
Moon Hee Jun asked Kai if he had plans for a soloist album, to which he answered: “Of course, yes” but when requested for more details he just stated: “That’s a secret!“.
Good news for the EXO-L and more reasons to follow EXO‘s moves in the future. Currently, Lay is EXO‘s only soloist, but we wouldn’t mind having more, every member of EXO deserves a soloist album, as they are all incredibly talented in every aspect.
Will Kai be the next soloist of EXO? SM Entertainment hasn’t said anything yet, we will have to wait and see!