Submitting a killer University of Washington essay is a must if you want to become a student at this educational institution. The only question is: how does one write a University of Washington supplemental essay in such a way that the review board immediately decides you are the one they need? In this article, you will come across a few tips and tricks that will help you submit a unique UW application essay and make your dream of studying there come true.

Be original

This is the most obvious and most important tip. If you want to increase your chances of studying at UW, submit the University of Washington essay the committee has never read before. In other words, your University of Washington essay has to deal with an unconventional issue or an under-researched subject. Make sure you have found a different angle to approach the topic in question. Be as original as possible. It is highly appreciated.

Tell your own story

No matter what kind of UW essay prompts you get to deal with, make sure your own personal perspective can be spotted in that University of Washington essay. If you have a unique background or some fascinating experience, don’t hesitate to tell your potential alma mater about it. If you read the University of Washington US news, you are familiar with the high acceptance rate at this educational institution. Thus, your job is to beat the competition and craft an unforgettable admissions essay which the review board will definitely remember.

Answer the question directly

In case a question is posed in one of the University of Washington essay prompts, make sure you have provided a clear and understandable answer to it. Also, do not repeat yourself: if you have already explained something, there is no need to reiterate in the next paragraph.

Ask for feedback

Even if you think that you have managed to deal with the UW essay prompts perfectly, it does not necessarily mean that there is no room for improvement. Having someone take a look at your piece of writing and offer their ideas on how to make it better will help you increase your chances of submitting an unconventional essay. What is more, they may spot mistakes which you have missed. In other words, it is always a great idea to have somebody edit your admissions essay in order to provide constructive feedback.

Try to be funny

Surely, writing an application essay is no joke. Ye, it does not mean that your piece of writing won’t benefit from including a couple of anecdotes and funny stories. After all, the whole point of writing an admissions essay is to show who the person behind the essay lines is.

Every review committee wants to see what kind of people are willing to become students of colleges they work at. Thus, they are not merely interested in your grades, achievements and extracurricular activities. They want to see who you really are, as well as find out more about your dreams and aspirations.

If you have chosen to apply to a selective college that has a high acceptance rate, keep in mind that your application essay has to be outstanding. Your job is to impress and to prove why studying at this particular educational institution is so important to you.

What is more, you need to demonstrate why you are going to benefit from getting a degree there. To complete the task of writing an admissions essay, you need to find a unique way to express your thoughts in writing. Be persuasive, funny and original.

Most importantly, be yourself. Your job is to convince the review board that you should be given the chance to become a student at college or university you have chosen to apply to. Crafting an impressive application essay is the first step for you to take which is the reason why it is so important to be able to write an unconventional paper.

Start beforehand to have more time to edit and rewrite your essay. This way, you will be able to finally craft an impressive University of Washington essay and realize your full potential while studying there.