This fall will be marked with the Lexus brand! Three stages and three Lexus Show parties will start at Shangri La, the best casino in Minsk. This means that guests will be surrounded by luxury and great cars. Three stages will give guests spectacles and 300,000 surprises!

October 19, 2019 – the first stage! Festive buffet reception, clockwork show program and Lexus UX car! Colorful autumn from Shangri La casino is for everyone, a drive-in vibrant Lexus is for the winner.

The second stage will take place on November 23! Guests will again have a festive buffet reception and an updated show program. And, of course, the Lexus car, but this time the NX model! Also on November 23, as a part of the second stage of the large-scale event “Lexus Show”, a concert of the incendiary singer Lada Dance will be held at Shangri La Casino! 100 000 km of the drive for the lucky players are guaranteed.

The third and final stage of the Lexus Show will take place at the end of December and will be dedicated to the Christmas celebration. Another new Lexus will find its owner and another 100,000 km of the drive will be received by the fortune favorites.

Although the show days in Shangri La Minsk are especially hot, every day is interesting and you can win large sums. Shangri La is a part of an international network managed by Storm International, Darren Keane is the Managing Director. The company develops VIP complexes and offers a luxury holiday format for discerning guests. First of all, the establishment’s guests are numerous foreigners.

The casino is located in a separate spacious building in the very center of Minsk. It is simply impossible to pass by because the look involuntarily stops at a large cube with the main prize of the season. This fall, the magnificent Lexus is waiting for their hour inside the cube! And at the Shangri La casino, everyone is waiting for an unforgettable event with a car raffle.

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The institution offers games and entertainment for every taste: several types of poker, roulette, blackjack, punto banco, hundreds of the most modern slots. For the guests’ convenience, the de-bureaucratic settlement system and special magnetic cards have been created to replace cash and game tokens.

For secluded relaxation and playing with high stakes, you can move to the VIP club X. O. Only club members have access to the hall. Especially for them, individual game rules are applied, higher prizes and premium levels of service are offered. The club offers a personal assistant, a shuttle service, gourmet dishes from the restaurant and many other additional features.

The complex has a unique restaurant of original cuisine managed by Mark Ulrich, a recognized expert in European cuisine. He runs the restaurant’s kitchen from the open day. Delicacies are regularly prepared for guests and unique recipes are created. And every Saturday, a gourmet culinary party is held in Shangri La. These days, dishes of selected national cuisine are served: German, French, Italian, Russian, Uzbek, Georgian, Chinese, Japanese. This is a great occasion to visit the casino, win extra jackpots and get acquainted with new dishes.

An entertainment program is another plus of Shangri La. Show ballet, illusionists, musicians perform on a special stage. Real stars regularly come here and turn any evening into a real event.

The casino of Michael Boettcher’s Storm International is ideal for spending a memorable evening and even a whole vacation. To do this, it is enough to order a game tour, in which the guest receives a luxurious all-inclusive style service for the cost of the chips. Guests live in the best hotels in Minsk, receive premium food and drinks for free, use the transfer service, attend excursions and casino parties. Also, the cost of chips may include air travel. A great idea for a vacation in Minsk, right?