When you are traveling, there are a lot of things which you have to consider. Well, I put in all my efforts to provide travel advice through my travel blogs to the people. However, I am not the only one doing this in fact; there are numerous other favorite travel blogs like Reservations.com Travel Blog which you can connect with and learn too.

There are different aspects of travel blogs such as family traveling, traveling alone, hotels information, photography, food and much more. Here are some of the favorite travel blogs which can help to make your travel cheaper, easier and yes, smarter.

Legal Nomads

Jodi works as a blogger and one of my favorites in the world because she talks about different cultures and food. She takes her time by walking on the road and taking pictures of the delicious food items with sharing it through her blog. She is a lawyer by profession and often spends time writing series known as “Thrillable Hours.” It is about the lawyers who gave up on their profession somewhere on the way.

Uncornered Market

Another best travel blog which you can start following. Audrey and Dan share stories which are heartwarming and take the photographs which are out of the ordinary. The focus of their blogs is on the sustainability issues and culture where they travel. They tell great stories so you can surely look them up.

No Vacation Required

This duo works together known as Kent and Canaan bringing us random entries about life and everything which revolves around it. They are witty, smart and funny in sharing their stories which is something which attracts me.

Alex in Wanderland

Alex is a graphic designer, photographer and travel lover by profession. She loves to roam around states featuring diving tips, sharing photos, sharing travel stories and more. You cannot get enough of her when you start reading her blogs.

The Blonde Abroad

This blog is about traveling and fashion which gets shared by Kiersten. Her focus is to provide tips for females on what to pack and wear when they are traveling abroad. She makes sure that females get their comfort while traveling and her advice is on it covering several aspects. Her blog is one of the best blogs to cover the topics on females I think. She is everywhere to explore and provide guidance based on her experience.

Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora covers everything about her travel whether it is anywhere in the world. She is nerdy and likes to make video blogs for the audience. Her smartness and filmmaking style is amazing where you can see everything you need to see at the destination. You can follow her on the Youtube channel as well.

View from the Wing

Here you will get the hacks of traveling by Gary Leff. He provides the information which is behind the scenes and often missing in other people’s blog about traveling. He shares the reports of the trip, rewards, deals and much more. The entire context is given to you from the airlines to the traveling hacks.

All these bloggers are amazing sharing different views with bringing new travel blogs every day for their audience to get inspired and learn.