You have many options to verify your military status, so why are there so many people working with SCRA Centralized Verification Service?

Lawyers, creditors, and anyone else who works with active-duty service members and needs to be sure of compliance with the SCRA chose SCRACVS because of its high quality of service, quicker response time, and assistance in ensuring accuracy.

Whether one has been practicing law for a year or 10 years, they’re likely to come across emerging online tools and services uniquely designed to help improve their law service. As the industry moves forward, it’s important for competitive lawyers to invest wisely.

To get you started, here are four tools that will help you set professional boundaries, get better and faster results in research, and keep on file the things that matter in your daily life.

Ravel and Case Text Law.

There are two tools that have made research efficient and affordable and will get you achievable results: Casetext and Ravel Law.

  • Ravel gives lawyers insights on how judges have ruled on previous cases, which includes their patterns and track record.
  • Casetext Law has a brilliant tool called Cara, where you can upload legal documents and it will automatically find the relevant case for you!

Bring your research skills to the next level by using Ravel to predict how your judge will rule on your case before you even enter the courtroom, and Casetext Law to get the specific cases that you need.

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Practice management software.

Each lawyer must use a practice management software, regardless of how small or big their practice is. There are various options these days even for the smallest firms. For instance, Merus Case is a cloud-based practice management tool that allows you to automate and manage your cases, calendar, communications, court forms, case files, and templates.

The advantage of a cloud-based application is that it’s accessible anywhere, and everything’s in one place. Work on your deliverables, but you will find your data more safe and organized – rather than it would be on your personal computer or mobile phone.

Google Keep or Evernote.

Surely, you can keep track of your tasks and dates in your practice management or case management system. But let’s face it, our daily lives are too complicated. We’re still in that era of “information overload”, so we need to find a way to keep track of everything in one place. Here’s Google Keep and Evernote.

Even if you’re on the go, jotting down notes at a conference or working virtually, you can do everything on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop with these note-keeping tools. Both allow you to take photos and write notes, keep track of to-do lists, and enter reminders. With these free applications, it’s accessible and presented in a format of your choice – list-form or visual.

Google Voice.

Separating personal from your work life includes creating boundaries. Whether you actually stopped working at literally 5 p.m. or have separate accounts for your personal and business email, a line is always drawn to maintain your sanity and professionalism. With the help of Google Voice, there’s no need for you to get a new phone line and it’s free.