Introducing the legendary Gunhee Park, founder of Populum CBD. From a homegrown operation started in 2016, his business has now bloomed into an average of $220k in monthly sales and an ARR of $3 million. Today, everyone with an eye on the entrepreneurial market is scrambling to get an interview with this CBD giant.

Populum CBD is a well-renowned cannabidiol distributor; one of the hundreds that have popped up that are considered esteemed CBD manufacturers who believe in transparency, quality testing, and customer rapport. Populum premium CBD hemp oils are top competitors in the industry, and we guarantee their products live up to the hype.

Gunhee Park: CBD Success

Gunhee arrived in the US at the age of fifteen, having moved here from South Korea. His background in herbal medicine began when his health became weak in his youth. Luckily, his mother strove to provide the best in herbal medication to care for his well being.

Now that he has grown, Gunhee has dedicated his efforts to establishing a trustworthy source of herbal CBD products. During the research and development phase of his business, he noticed the wild claims and discreditable behaviors coming from certain cannabidiol manufacturers. His work to become a transparent and informative hemp distributor has paid off, as indicated by the success of Populum.

The Company Goals Driving Populum

Apart from transparency, Gunhee has taken every step necessary to ensure that his CBD products are the cream of the crop. The hemp used in Populum products is sourced in the US, every batch is verified to be pure/potent by third-party laboratories, and each additional ingredient is hand-picked by expert staff.

Gunhee wants his clients to be informed before they receive their Populum CBD. A portion of Populum’s resources is dedicated strictly to customer education and assistance. Expert customer service representatives are made available to guide Populum customers through product selection and application.

Additionally, Mr. Park is an avid lover of dogs. How does this impact Populum? Well, Gunhee has created specialized resources for clients who adopt or foster animals. This philanthropic nature seems to be the ultimate force behind Populum. Gunhee, and his partner Ola Olusoga, have successfully created a compassionate business that is able to provide affordable, top-shelf CBD products to health-conscious US citizens.

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The Biggest Roadblock To CBD Success

Apparently, the biggest challenge surrounding Gunhee and Ola’s rise to fame has been the tight government regulations surrounding hemp extracts. Being a direct-to-consumer business, Populum needs to maintain a close watch on the ways they educate their clients about CBD. Still, the many Populum customer reviews clearly indicate how this hemp-based business has thrived in this thorny industry.

Does This Man Have Any Time For Leisure?

When Gunhee isn’t busy enjoying his business and family life, he is pursuing his passion for dog rescue. He has adopted and rescued several pups of his own, which evidently inspired the Populum Rescue Dog initiative. Mr. Park is also quite well-read, exploring everything from entrepreneurial success books like “Sam Walton: Made In America,” to spiritual times such as “Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?”

Don’t be put off by the last title. The book contains powerful lessons and short stories that can be applied to many areas of our life. If Gunhee’s business success is any indication of his discipline and ability to make the best of life’s challenges, then perhaps we could all benefit from glancing through this text. With premium cannabidiol, compassionate outreach programs, and total transparency, you can’t go wrong with Populum CBD.