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CBD or cannabidiol oil is the new craze today in the pet world. Know more about this compound when you click here. A lot of owners are seeing the beneficial effects of the bottle containing the full-spectrum oil. So, if you are going to shop for your canine or feline’s needs, you may want to get them CBD products that will make them healthier.

For those who are new to the world of CBD, this extract is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp and cannabis. Both of the plants can bring health benefits to the pet that consumes them, but their effects are different.

Cannabis is where marijuana extract comes from. It contains larger doses or 30% of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is what makes the users psychoactive, and it has adverse effects on both humans and animals. You should avoid products that contain THC and focus only on CBD.

On the other hand, cannabidiol is usually extracted from the hemp plant, and the THC is only about 0.3% or less. This means that even if your pet consumes the oil, it won’t experience the “buzz” feeling that’s often associated with marijuana. Instead, it will feel calmer and less anxious even if it hears fireworks or other loud noises outside if it consumes CBD rather than THC.

A lot of studies show that CBD can interact with the central nervous system to decrease pain sensations. Dogs with arthritis can walk better, and they can feel less pain in their joints when their owners administer CBD in their diets. The immune system can also become stronger with the help of cannabidiol.

How the Oil is Made

The CBD is an extract that comes from hemp. You may see some labels showing you that the product may contain hemp seed oil. However, look for the ones that explicitly state that they have cannabidiol content. There are two ways to extract CBD, and these are the following:

1. Extraction with the Use of Solvents

There are times when the manufacturers use solvents to extract cannabidiol from the hemp plants. The solvents used may be in the form of propane or butane. Others may even use petroleum if they want to save on manufacturing costs.

However, these solvents can leave residues that are toxic to most pets. Other natural solvents are acceptable such as olive oil or ethanol but ensure that what you’re getting for your canine does not include anything that’s considered an allergen.

Many owners notice a problem with the use of solvents. There’s not much cannabidiol content in the resulting product, and the concentrations are lower. This means that the product may not be effective in relieving pain from your pet.

2. The Process of Carbon Dioxide or CO2 Extraction

Aside from the method of using solvents, other companies have found that getting the CBD extracts with the help of CO2 is more effective and less harmful to pets. You can check more about these on http://www.holistapet.com and know more about other products that you think can help your dog or cat. The process is very critical because it needs to separate the carbon dioxide into a gas and liquid state.

The CO2 is used in pumping the hemp plants, and this is done in high-pressure chambers. Too much pressure can make the carbon dioxide break the plant. This results in extracting a high-quality oil that’s free from toxic solvents and other substances.

It is essential to keep in mind that the CBD made from CO2 extraction can be more expensive than the ones made by adding butane to the hemp plants. However, the overall product with the CO2 is safer, and it provides more benefits to your canines. You may want to ask the seller about the method of extraction of the oil that you’re planning to buy so that you can be rest assured that they are safe.

A Final Word

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The information above is just the method of extractions involved in making CBD products. There are also many more that you can get from reading blogs and user reviews about this seemingly miracle supplement for many pets. Make sure that if you decide to purchase one, you are getting it from a trusted supplier with a lot of positive feedback from previous buyers.