Beautiful idols, obsessive fans, unlimited media coverage, and extravaganza define the idolized world of K-Pop music. Yet, for a long time, K-Pop was a niche industry only famous in South Korea, China, and a few other Asian countries. Lately, however, K-Pop has become a global phenomenon with millions of fans from all parts of the world.

With fame comes the attention of media companies, fashion designers, and game developers who all want to capitalize on the popularity of K-Pop music. Case in point, the following ten industries saw opportunities in the K-Pop industry and came up with some intriguing ideas.

K-Pop Slot Machine

Branded games are nothing new in the online casino industry. There are slots inspired by James Bond, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, and Dracula. Now, you can also bet on a K-Pop slot machine developed by Gameplay Interactive.

The game has five reels featuring an impressive set of graphics, K-Pop idols, and soothing Korean beats in the background. The singers make short animated poses every time you hit a winning line to congratulate you.

What’s more, you have a chance to experience a live solo performance from your favorite K-Pop star when you hit three bonus symbols. And depending on which actor comes up, you could win money in the process. Find out how to play the K-Pop game on Also, learn how to get casino bonuses so that you play your favorite slot game without spending much of your money.

Trend-Setting Makeup Products

K-Pop idols have always stood out in how they apply makeup, do their hair, and dress in general. Some of them look flawless. And in light of their excellent makeup skills, they’ve inspired a series of makeup companies retailing products aimed at their fans.

From eye makeup to lipsticks, manicure products to everything in between, you can impress your friends with the same makeup products your favorite idols use. Of course, some of the products cost significantly more than they should.

But if you love K-Pop stars and would want to look stunning with glitz shining on your skin and colored contacts adding glam to your eyes, invest in some K-Pop makeup. As always, men are also part of the makeup culture in South Korea. So, if you are not shy about putting on lipstick, go for it.

Fashion Statements

When it comes to fashion, K-Pop idols spare no expenses. This year, however, stars have been gravitating away from expensive brand name clothes to donning shirts, tops, and shorts that make a statement of some kind.

It all started in 2018 when MOMOLAND went on a tour to promote their then latest song “Boom Boom” clad in tops featuring their brand name. Bolbbalgan4 and The Boyz would go on to make similar statements before the end of the year.

The trend was dragged on in 2019 with a series of K-Pop groups promoting their songs with shirts that either featured their group names or their upcoming song’s name. All in all, the trend inspired retailers throughout Asia to sell similar T-Shirts, hoodies, and tops you could quickly order online.

shoes, walking, railroad tracks


The Wall Street Journal believes K-Pop stars are the best ‘influencers” in the world. And being the undisputed fashion trendsetters in Asia, it’s no surprise footwear companies are contacting them for partnerships.

G-Dragon is allegedly in talks with Nike to have them create a sneaker of his designing. The Big Bang group member already has ideas on what he wants Nike to create. Through his Instagram account, he’s previously suggesting adding a twist to the famous Air Force 1 shoe.

Besides G-Dragon, many K-Pop stars have been helping multiple brands make record sneaker sales everywhere K-Pop is idolized. Amber Liu loves Nike Air Max 97. And considering Seoul’s own Gwang Shin designed it, it’s becoming pretty famous in South Korea.

Tiffany Young is also a huge Nike fan, occasionally donning her favorite model: the Nike Air Force 1, Flyknit Low. Sandara Park has an even more expensive taste, as she’s previously stepped out with the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2. The shoes cost as much as $570.

Hollywood K-Pop Movie

Many K-Pop fans will probably agree that there should be more K-Pop Hollywood movies. Yet, here we are, avidly waiting to see what Rebel Wilson will deliver, producing one of the first comedies inspired by K-Pop.

The Australian actress is famous for her roles in Super Fun Night and Pitch Perfect. The flick will talk about a group of young Asian American girls competing to feature in a K-Pop boy band. Lions Gate has already agreed to distribute the film expected to be launched later in 2020.

In a bid to get everything right, Wilson is partnering with Young II Kim, an award-winning screenwriter. It’s unclear, though, whether the movie will feature any K-Pop idols, although there are reports BTS could cameo or play significant roles.

K-Pop Bags and Purses

Visit any leading online shopping site, and the chances are that you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of K-Pop handbags on sale. Aliexpress offers free shipping for every K-Pop bag you purchase while Etsy takes pride in showcasing some of the best K-Pop purses you can find.

The best part of K-Pop bags and purses is that they tend to be cheap regardless of their sizes or designs. Backpacks costs between $10 and $50. BTS travel bags are a bit more expensive. But at $70 apiece, they are much more affordable than many brand name bags.

Again, you can purchase K-Pop bags irrespective of where you live in the world. All the leading shopping websites have bags, including those endorsed by well-known idols.

The Takeaway

The Wall Street Journal was right. K-Pop stars are arguably the world’s most famous ‘influencers.’ Whether it’s in fashion or sports, Hollywood movies, or television shows, K-Pop themes keep coming up. Unsurprisingly, there’s now a wide range of products, including slots, movies and makeup inspired exclusively by K-Pop.