If you’re a new graduate and have been having a hard time getting a job in 2020. You might think you’re incapable, not enough, or may seem unready for the workforce. It may feel like you’re all alone in this, but so many new graduates and job seekers are experiencing the exact same thing.

With everything going on around us, it is not a secret that the economy is going down and many are being laid off of work. Each day has been deemed more difficult to apply for a job. Everyone seeks their dream job; a job that has: benefits, good pay, and an amazing working environment.

When you’ve been studying all your life, you’d expect to be privileged enough to instantly get the job that you’ve always wanted. As soon as you get out of college, suddenly you realize that it doesn’t exactly work that way. Times are getting tougher and tougher, and each day there are even lesser opportunities.

You start to realize that life after college is harder than you thought, but earning money as fast as you can to sustain yourself and your family is a priority. Months pass by and you are still jobless, making it even more difficult to survive, and so what is there to do but to apply for jobs you don’t even know or like?

Most people nowadays are forced to work for jobs they never thought they’d be in. But as the world keeps getting harder to live in, you don’t exactly have a choice. You’d agree to put yourself in horrible working conditions, most of which don’t pay enough and might even put you at risk.

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs

In times of desperation, you might catch yourself applying for jobs that put you in horrible working conditions. While that may be your only resort, it is best to be informed about the most dangerous jobs that may put your life or health at risk. It may seem like the only good idea at the moment but maybe this list of hazardous jobs will enlighten you to be more conscious of the kind of workforce you may be part of.

Logging Workers

One of the most hazardous jobs in the world, logging is an occupation where one cuts down, processes, and transports trees for logging purposes. This occupation has the highest fatality rate due to the extreme physical challenges that involve heavy-duty tools to cut down trees.

Construction Workers

Construction workers are responsible for on-site tasks such as operating heavy equipment, loading and unloading materials, removing debris, and scaffolding. Many of these workers handle construction materials that contain toxic and hazardous chemicals and minerals such as asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral with tiny fibers that when inhaled, can cause serious health concerns such as mesothelioma.

Fishers and Related Fishing Workers

Commercial fishing is the second most dangerous job as its fatality rate is extremely alarming each year. From harsh weather conditions, transportation accidents, and failing machinery, this occupation is a huge life risk.

Industrial Workers

As an industrial worker, their main responsibility is to manufacture, alter, clean, repair, ornament, and demolish materials. A completely unsafe form of work, industrial works face a lot of health risks due to minerals they are exposed to such as asbestos. Like construction workers, they are also at high risk for serious diseases.

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Roofing work is an extremely dangerous job due to one reason: falling. This may sound simple but this occupation has one of the most fatality rates each year.

Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors

This may sound like a very safe and sustainable job, but it is the exact opposite. Death upon these workers is caused by their truck getting struck by another vehicle.

Structural Iron and Steel Workers

Working with steel and iron is extremely unsafe due to the minerals it is composed of as well as the heavy material that may cause accidents or even worse – death as a result of falling or slipping.

Truck Drivers and Other Drivers

Driving is extremely unsafe as it is, but truck drivers as well as other drivers, have it worse. Imagine driving a 10 wheeled vehicle with numerous cars surrounding you. Not only is this job hard, but it may also cause a lot of accidents.

Farmers, Ranchers, and Agricultural Managers

Despite many technological advances, farmers are the most hard-working of the bunch, as they are exposed to horrible working conditions and are obligated to work with heavy equipment and machinery. This can be extremely dangerous and hazardous as machinery can malfunction.


One of the most dangerous jobs, a firefighter is considered a hero in the eyes of many. While this can be a heroic act, they are faced with difficult, risk, and hazardous situations. Like construction workers and industrial workers, when faced in a casualty, they may be exposed to minerals that may affect their health. Minerals like asbestos when disturbed by a casualty are extremely dangerous due to the exposure that may lead to diseases like mesothelioma.

How to Secure Yourself At a Dangerous Job

Now that you have an idea of the many occupations that are extremely dangerous mentally and physically, it is best to know what you can do to protect yourself once you choose to partake in jobs that are hazardous. Here are a few things to take note of:

  • Suit up – Make sure to wear gear that can protect you from any accidents. Gears like helmets, pads, and steel toe boots will be your best friend in situations like this.
  • Be Physically Fit – people who are in high-risk occupations should have a quick reaction to things. Being physically fit will amp up your agility so that you are safe in any situation.
  • Know Your Rights – When applying for any job, one should ask the employer for benefits such as health insurance, that may help you when you are faced with an accident.
  • Training – This will help in keeping your body and mind strong.