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Notice about AWS test: I hope the majority of people who want to take the examination will pay attention to it. Don’t delay the test because of the identification problem, resulting in the loss of money and energy!!

  1. Candidates should register at the school within one week of the examination. They should bring valid and valid second identifications. They should have the following two identifications:
  2. Here are some tips about the second identifications: (e.g. student card, driver’s license, temporary residence card, credit card, graduation card, social security card, work card, etc.)

(1) The student card, driver’s license, and temporary residence permit must have a steel seal, and the identification without a steel seal is invalid.

(2) the credit card should preferably be the bank credit card of China Merchants, PUFA, etc.

(3) the graduation certification is only limited to the fresh graduates in 2010 because they can only be used once in the AWS examination without other identifications after graduation. Please prepare other relevant materials for the second AWS examination The valid identifications of the company. (because the qualification is only used once, it must be sent to VUE Examination Center for approval before the examination).

(4) The social security card must be tested in the place where it is held, except the examination room in the place where it is held.

(5) If the photos of the work permit must be scanned, the work permit without scanning must be stamped with steel. If neither of the above two conditions is available, it shall be deemed as invalid identification.

Note: 1 and 2 prompt identifications in line with the examination rules do not need to be sent to VUE Examination Center for review. The following 3 to 5 prompt identifications must be sent to VUE Examination Center for review. Only after passing the review can they register for the examination. It may cause inconvenience to candidates in the examination time. Please understand. Thank you for informing students of the examination time and place after registration After arriving at the examination center, please take two kinds of examinee’s identifications with you and make a copy of them. (Note: the original and the copy must be taken to the examination room, the original will be returned to the examinee, and the copy will be kept by the examination center.)

I: Questionnaire Survey

The content of the questionnaire of the examination system is slightly different from that of VUE, but don’t worry. Unified selection B is relatively safe. After selecting one point, click next all the way to END. Because option B usually means that the examinee’s level is average, and the test questions will not be too difficult. Note: one of the surveys is to ask if you are 18 years old, and the last one is to ask if you agree with the CISCO agreement. This must be selected. The question has not appeared, ask the examination room staff, he will explain: you even don’t agree with the agreement of CISCO, what else do you test? If you want to take the test again, you have to pay the test fee again. After re-registering the test agreement, click the END option in the lower right corner of the questionnaire page, and the test system will automatically start to extract questions from the server. At present, the questions have been downloaded from Australia by the test center and stored in the server. A few seconds later, after the topic extraction, candidates can click START to start the formal examination.

II: Start the Exam

For people who take the same subject in the same place on the same day, the topic of the day will not change much. Mark and back are not allowed in the examination. Once you click NEXT, you cannot return to the previous question for modification. The exam questions are 65. There is enough time for the first exam. In fact, as long as you have enough preparation, the exam time is still enough. You can rest assured that most of the questions are objective multiple-choice questions, single choice, or multiple choice. Generally, you can choose a few with tips, or tell you to choose all the right answers. Next is the experimental problem, for example: let you use the relevant command, make the network configuration, first show run on each router, check whether the command is complete. Don’t forget to copy after you finish, and then use the Ping test. In the examination may also encounter a crash phenomenon, do not be nervous, quickly tell the examiner, they will solve. Restart, continue to do the question, the previous question results still exist, but crash, at that time is doing the question may not be saved, we must carefully check, and then choose NEXT to continue to finish all the questions, and then choose END EXAM, the end of the exam, exciting time to come! You will see the exam results, display the green bar, Congratulations! Passed the exam!!

Get out of the examination room, the examiner is printing your report card and stamping it. The report card should be well preserved, with your ID number, scores, and examination information of each part of the test center, as well as the website and relevant information when you register in the future.