The Chinese version of this adorable story is titled “Cantabile Youth” (让全世界都听见) with Zhang Xin cheng  as the male lead (My Huckleberry Friends) and Lin Yun (Genghis Khan 2018) as the female lead.


Nodame Cantabile” is a Japanese manga by Tomoko Ninomiya, it tells the story of Shinichi Chiaki one of the best pianists in his college as well as an excellent violinist, his dream is to become an orchestra director like his mentor Sebastiano Viera. Unfortunately, his dream is halted because of an argument with his piano tutor, for this, he is sent to the “losers” class where he meets Megumi Noda or “Nodame”, as she calls herself. From this moment on the story develops and we get to see how the weird friendship Nodame and Chiaki has transforms into love, (depending on the adaptation this happens sooner or later), as they work hard to fulfill their dreams.

The manga was first adapted into a Japanese live-action drama with Ueno Juri as Megumi Noda or “Nodame” and Tamaki Hiroshi as Shinichi Chiaki, this adaptation has 11 episodes, 1 special and 2 movies.

An animated version of “Nodame Cantabile” was transmited in Japan days after the drama ended, with the same name and 45 episodes in total.

The story also counts with a Korean version named “Tomorrow Cantabile” with 16 episodes. Chinese versions always give their own twist to the drama, so I’m truly expectant to see how they will adapt the popular manga, if possible, I want more romance into it. 😉