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Online betting has its own satisfaction and downsides. One of the main downsides of betting online is falling prey to scamming websites and fake bookies online. To reduce the chances of choosing a wrong betting forum online, websites such as provide a platform for new bettors to sift through the pitfalls of betting the world online. The information contained on such websites serves as a savior for not just the newbies but also for relatively old bettors who feel confused in ascertaining whether or not to trust a website with their money.

In order to save newbies from rip off and unfair betting practices online, a brief guide about betting safely has been discussed below.

Online Betting 101| Introduction

Betting is the act of putting a wager on the predicted/specified outcome of a certain event or activity. For example, horse race betting involves waging money on a particular horse in a horse race while predicting that it will win the race. In case, the horse loses the race, the bettor loses the bet and has to forfeit the money waged by him as part of the deal. Similarly, if the horse ends up winning the race, the bettor gets paid the amount waged by the other person/party on the alternate outcome as per the deal.

Online betting is carrying out the above-mentioned activities in exactly the same way on websites dedicated for online betting activities instead of living gambling houses. There are many types of online betting websites available online. These include virtual games betting websites, Poker betting websites, Fantasy Sports betting websites, mobile betting websites, dart betting websites, and real-life sports betting websites. The examples of real-life sports betting websites include football betting websites, cricket betting websites, tennis betting websites, horse Racing betting websites, golf betting websites and rugby betting websites, etc. These websites can be further subdivided according to their countries of origin, their payment policies and cash-out options.

An important distinction that needs to be made here is that, although the terms online betting and online gambling are used interchangeably, there are slight differences that set them apart from each other. These include the purpose and level of risk involved. Gambling online is riskier and requires placing a wager without knowing the outcome. If the bettor can predict the outcome, then his wager is not really a gamble. In fact, it is classified as a bet.

Secondly, though the purpose of both does involve winning money, gambling has more fun elements to it and winning money is secondary. This is why most gamblers keep putting wagers even after they have lost several times. Alternatively, betting is carried out purely to earn a winning amount under an agreement between two parties where one bets for and the other against a certain outcome. It involves predicting a most likely outcome and can be done intelligently after studying past data or history of the team or horse the bet is being placed on. The predictions can be based on scientific evidence. Gambling, however, thrives on the uncertainty of the outcome.

Staying Safe while Betting Online| A 3- Step Guide

Although there are plenty of online betting websites and new bookies keep emerging each day, it is very important for bettors to protect themselves from fraudulent sites. This can be done by conducting thorough research on these betting websites based on some sort of guiding framework.  Some cautiously devised tips on how to find out whether the bookies you are trying to approach or websites you are trying to get yourself registered with are safe to go ahead with or not are enlisted below:

  1. Check for their License/Registration: Your top priority as a bettor who wishes to stay safe online, must be checking the new betting websites for their license or certificate of registration. Usually, websites put this information at the bottom of their first page to gain bettors’ confidence. Not just the websites but also the bookies do the same, in order to rope in new bettors and win their trust. If a website or bookie does not showcase a certificate on their public profile or web address, you must steer clear from their domain without hesitation. Gambling in the United Kingdom is heavily regulated under the UK Gambling Commission and all bookies and websites must obtain their licenses from the regulating authority.
  2. Read their Terms and Conditions: You must read a site’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ or any other policy listed on the website and be sure that every legal aspect of online betting has been discussed openly. No information must be kept hidden from the bettor to prevent deceptive practices. If the site has a certain offer advertised on its main page but states winning terms otherwise in its policies then this discrepancy must not be overlooked. This only points out to the fact that this specific website makes misleading offers and it must not be trusted.
  3. Protection of Personal Information & Account Information: This is a very important point you must consider. Before signing up with any betting website or trusting a bookie, make sure you can trust them with your personal information and account details with which you will be making transactions. In any event, bettor’s confidential information must not be leaked and misused. It must always be protected by the site or bookie that has been entrusted with the details. Additionally, you must educate yourself about the site’s policies about how will they support or help you, in case you experience a setback on part of their negligence.


In order to protect oneself from crime and fraud, it is important that bettors pay attention to the points mentioned above and select a safe betting house online. Trust is the driving force of all relationships, whether personal or professional and betting online is not excluded from this rule.

Bettors, who have taken a hint and heeded the advice, must register themselves with licensed online betting forums only. This will help them lodge a complaint against any non-compliant online betting site and/or bookie they come across.  However, if the bettors ignore the guidelines mentioned above and proceed with trusting almost anybody who claims to be bookie or an online betting platform, chances are they may lead themselves into financial troubles. The consequence of registering with a scamming betting platform which is not registered with any regulating body includes bettors not being able to complain about them or file a lawsuit for compensation.