Today, eHealth exists in many forms and forms that are welcomed and actively used by the general public. EHR systems, telemedicine, online pharmacy app development, AI-based clinical decision support solutions, and even robotics are no longer perceived as strange, potentially dangerous, or unreliable. On the contrary, people are obsessed with getting all the health care they need without facing the inconvenience that usually comes with it. And the growing popularity of electronic pharmacy proves this perfectly. A report by Fortune Business Insights claims that by 2026 Global ePharmacy Market will exceed USD 177 billion.

Benefits of Online Pharmacy Applications

Online pharmacy apps provide many benefits for both customers and business owners.

Benefits for customers:


Some shoppers are hesitant to buy certain drugs at a local store in front of others. The on-demand drug ordering and delivery app make it much easier for them to keep their privacy.

Saves time

It is often difficult for the patient to buy any medicine in the local store, and he has to spend a lot of time and effort to find it in other stores. With on-demand medicine applications, there is no such problem.

Competitive prices

Applications for online ordering and delivery of medicines from branded pharmacies offer profitable promotions or; discounts to attract customers, which is not otherwise available in local pharmacies. As a result, users receive the most competitive prices for their medicines.

Contactless home delivery

Pharmacy drug apps enhance user experience with the ability to deliver medicines at home. It became the most significant support system during the times of covid-19 when people were afraid to go out but could place contactless orders online and get contactless drug delivery right to their homes.

Benefits for owners:

Helps build a loyal customer base

On-demand pharmacy delivery apps provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers, from placing an order to delivery, saving them the effort of visiting a pharmacy. In addition, such applications allow pharmacy owners to interact directly with their customers and work with the feedback received. Including customer requirements, offering discounts, sending prescription refill reminders, etc., helps them win customer loyalty, thus gaining repeat orders.

Increases customer reach

This is true for any online business. With an online platform, you will be able to expand your business by offering services to clients in remote locations.

Better inventory management

Pharmacists do not have to manually update their stock levels with an online drug ordering and delivery application. Because orders are processed online, inventory is automatically adjusted on the back end after each sale. In addition, advanced systems also alert owners of reorders, upcoming expiration dates, and more.

Possibility of resale

By studying customer buying patterns, pharmacies can recommend specific lab tests or other common medications (say, antacids, vitamins) to patients that can be taken with higher doses of prescribed medications. This allows them to upsell their products. For example, a customer buying medication for hyperglycemia might be offered a glucose test in the comfort of their home. However, the pharmacy must either have its lab or partner with third-party labs.

Building a brand

Mobile apps have proven to be an effective marketing tool for any business, promoting a brand through push notifications, news, promotions, and offers. It also helps you get feedback and learn about user patterns (such as favorite features, best-selling drugs, etc.) to better manage and fix service deficiencies or bugs, thereby improving your overall brand image.

Business models to consider before developing an on-demand drug delivery application

Wondering where to start developing an online drug delivery app? Understanding all e-pharmacy business models is essential before choosing the right one for you.

  • Individual stores

According to this setting, customers place their orders in online stores by uploading their recipes. The retailers then check the availability of the products and send them to their customers. Users can then pay for medicines online or offline.

  • Medicine delivery application for aggregator

Under this model, online pharmacy owners contact local pharmacies in several areas instead of maintaining their stock of drugs. As soon as the user places an order in the application, the electronic pharmacy checks the availability of the ordered product in the partner pharmacy closest to the buyer and redirects the request there. The local chemist completes the chain by manually delivering the drugs to the user.

  • Direct to the consumer

This model helps the drug delivery application avoid intermediaries for the delivery or supply of drugs. Pharmacies directly process order requests and fulfill them themselves. Reaching out to customers now helps business owners better control their businesses.

10 Steps of online pharmacy app development

A first-class online pharmacy application needs a step-by-step development process from a minimum viable product to a full-fledged application. Let’s dive right into it:

Step 1: Study your competitors

It is vital to know what is available in the market and create innovative solutions that meet the needs of your target user. Start from scratch by defining who your end users are, what they expect from the app, and how they want to use it.

Study your competitors and the services they offer. Look for customer reviews and comments about such apps and see if competitors are missing out on what customers want. This gives you a lucrative opportunity to offer something new and desirable and is, therefore, a great way to increase brand awareness.

Step 2: Create a Sample Layout

Having chosen the suitable model for yourself, conducting an in-depth analysis and discussing it in detail with technical specialists and designers is essential. Define the general layouts, feature list, and other complex specifications to serve as a roadmap for your online drug delivery app development journey.

Step 3: prototyping

Most successful mobile apps release a prototype or beta version of the apps they have developed. These prototypes are released for use for a limited period of time and provide valuable feedback. This helps to save you money and time and to create a product that your users will like more.

Step 4: List the Features

In online pharmacy app development, you can choose from countless features you can add to your product. A feature-rich yet simple application will help you better meet users’ requirements.

Step 5: Attractive UI and Simple UX

A successful pharmacy delivery app needs an intuitive and attractive design that meets the latest UX/UI trends in the market and a user-friendly interface so that customers can easily access the app.

Step 6: Compliance with data protection regulations

Data security is paramount in any healthcare application. Since the pharmacy delivery app deals with sensitive information such as personal health information, payment details, etc., it must comply with the rules and regulations applicable in the regions in which it operates, such as HIPAA, FDA, GDPR, etc.

Step 7: Backend Development

This is a rather subtle stage in the development of a pharmacy application. It includes the creation of the server side of the application.

Step 8: Monetize the App

Well, the real requirement for an investor is to make a profit from their application. To make your mobile health app more useful and grow your customer base, you can use any monetization strategies that dominate the healthcare market. This includes charging users for premium app features, in-app advertising, in-app purchases, gamification, etc.

Step 9: Testing and Maintenance

It’s essential to thoroughly test your product to fix bugs, frequent crashes, long load times, technical glitches, etc. because they can throw your app off in the race. Also, you need experts to continuously update/add features based on user feedback, market innovations, etc.

Step 10: Launching the Application

Developing an application is not enough. Successfully launch the app in app stores so users can see and download it.

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