Online slots in NJ became legal in 2013. Online slots, unlike traditional land-based slots, offer a wide variety of slot games and multiline slots. A detailed overview of online slots and some of the best online slots games offered by New Jersey online casinos have been listed below.

Online Slots 101 | A Brief Introduction

Online slots became popular immediately in New Jersey after the legalization of online 카지노사이트 in 2013. Just like their land-based counterparts, online slots basically require players to deposit a certain amount and then press the ‘go’ button. The online slot video machines run numbers, symbols or any such patters on a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 reels placed side by side on the screen.

When the process stops, it displays as a combination of numbers and patterns and according to the game’s rules, the players either win a prize or are awarded a consolation prize. Sometimes, the player gets nothing if they do not strike the desired pattern. Other times, players can win jackpots if their machines end up displaying a specified pattern eligible for the jackpot money amount.

While the basic process of playing slots remains the same, the difference lies in the number of pay lines and a variety of games offered. A pay line is a line that is formed after the slot machine stops running. Traditional land-based slot machines had 3 reels so after the machine stopped rolling 3 bananas in a row or 3 stars in arrow formed one pay line and thus, the player would win a prize.

Online slot machines have software algorithms fed into their systems and they are perfectly timed for the slot reel whirling process. Unlike traditional slots, these machines offer multiline slots with the maximum number of pay lines reaching 40 – 100. Additionally, these pay lines need not be in one particular direction. They can either run horizontal, vertical, diagonal or remain jagged.

Types of Online Slots

There are 3 basic types of slots games offered online. These include the classic slots, the modern slots, and the progressive slots.

While Classic Slots are designed around the traditional video slot machines pattern and offer 1-5 pay lines with 3 reels placed juxtaposed, Modern slots increase the number of reels and pay lines up to 100. The two games have a different payout ratio which corresponds according to their game rules. The third type called Progressive slots is the one in which various slot machines are linked together across websites and a large number of players pool in their money. One lucky player who strikes the desired match wins the money of the jackpot. The winning amount in progressive slot games is at times is as high as a million dollars.

How To Select Which Online Slots To Play?

Well, this is a very basic question that may pop up in every player’s mind. In order to select the online slots game you wish to play, do some research about their offers in accordance with the following attributes:

  1. Check for the authenticity of the website and the range of games they offer.
  2. Opt for straight slot machines in the beginning; the chances of winning a game are greater in these as opposed to progressive slots.
  3. Keep an eye on bonuses offered within online slot games and avail if you come across any.
  4. Most importantly, check out the payout amounts, ratios or any other specifics mentioned.
  5. Last but not the least, do consider an online casino’s web page design, graphics, ease of navigations, simplicity of online slots games and the overall user experience of these games on a particular site.

Top 5 Online Slots Games

The following are the top 5 online slots games ranked according to their popularity among players in New Jersey.

  1. Book of Ra Deluxe: Based on its Egyptian adventure background, enchanting graphics and captivating sounds, Book of Ra Deluxe makes it to the top spot. The payout ratio in this slots game is 95.5%
  2. Starburst: Second on the list is Starburst. Starburst has a payout ratio of 96.1% and has an interesting storyline too.
  3. Wheel of fortune: Wheel of fortune offers 720 ways to win a prize and has a payout ratio of 96.6%.
  4. Bloodsuckers: With a payout ratio of 98%, Bloodsuckers is a vampire-themed game as suggested by its name.
  5. Wonderland: Based on the classic Alice in Wonderland theme, Wonderland offers a payout ratio of 96% only.

Good To Know Terms About Online Slots Games

Apart from all the above-mentioned information, some good to know online slots games terms include multiplier slots, bonus slots, wilds and scatters.

Bonus slots simply indicate the bonus rounds offered within an online slot game to the players. A multiplier slot is a slot game which multiplies the bonus amount on the number of coins played. Simply put, it does not just add up the bonus amount won on each coin as in a straight multiplier slots game; in fact, it multiplies it with a greater ratio and then adds it to the total winning amount. The ratio bonus amount gets multiplied which is predetermined by the website offering multiplier slots.

Wild slots, as their name suggests, are the slot chances given to players to create winning pay lines. Players can do by substituting the wild symbol on the slot with their winning one and earn a chance to win the game.

Scatter slots are slot games that do not require the patterns, numbers or symbols to appear in one line format on the slots. All they need is to appear on the slot game anywhere and as long as the player sees and identifies them, they win the bonus amount.


Most online slots are offered in the form of video slots. With the passage of time, online slots games are not only becoming increasingly popular but are also being restructured in more exciting and complex ways. This is being done to offer players variety and make the games interesting for them so that they are not bored easily and their attention can be retained by the online casino. It also puts players’ gambling skills to test and forces them to level up each time they play a game. However, for newbies and people who love the simple and traditional slots, classic online video slot games are still being offered web-wide.