Proxy servers made their way into pop culture as a quick bypass for solo explorers on the internet. However, since they allow users to access geographically inaccessible content straight from their personal workstation, they have now become a prominent tool for businesses for growth hacking.

Although most businesses have accepted proxy servers as a legitimate tool in recent times, only a few of them realize the importance of choosing the right one for their endeavors. Many prefer to use a cheap quality or even a free proxy server only to entrap themselves into a variety of issues such as a high ping, low speed, IP address already blacklisted by the targeted website(s), connection failures, etc. This is why high-quality proxy servers such as Oxylabs Residential Proxies are recommended.

Oxylabs Residential Proxies are 100% anonymous proxies from all around the globe that come with zero IP address blocking, zero captchas, city-level targeting, etc. They are extremely stable as the user gets a personal server to use at all times. Additionally, the company also allows its users to engage in unlimited concurrent sessions with global coverage included as well.

What Oxylabs Residential Proxies Provide

When it comes to proxy servers, they have one sole purpose, which is to provide a layer that takes requests from the user and connects them to their desired web page. Therefore, the only way to judge them is through their quality of experience.


A good proxy server is that which comes with features that minimize discrepancies providing the user with a smooth and fast browsing session. Here are a few features that Oxylabs Residential Proxies provide:

  • 30M+ residential IPs: Oxylabs provides its users with a large pool of stable proxies to choose from. These proxies can be adjusted precisely through specific parameters providing users the ability to complete the most complicated tasks.
  • Zero captchas: Despite their bot filtering capabilities, captchas during a browsing session are always annoying. Adding to that, if you use a low-quality proxy server, the likelihood of captchas increases tremendously. With Oxylabs Residential Proxies, you will always be immune to this problem.
  • Zero IP Blocking: IP Blocking is common for proxy servers especially if it is a low-quality one. This wastes a lot of precious time as they only workaround is to switch proxies. Oxylabs Residential Proxies guarantees zero IP blocking giving users a smooth and continuous experience.
  • Session control: Customizability is always welcomed no matter what tool one uses and proxy servers are no different. With Oxylabs Residential Proxies, you get a plethora of session control options that can help personalize the server according to your usage.
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions: Many proxy server providers provide a limited number of concurrent sessions to its users. While that is manageable as a casual explorer, it just isn’t feasible from a business standpoint. With Oxylabs Residential Proxies, you need not worry about this as the company provides an unlimited number of concurrent sessions.
  • Global coverage (state & city): Most proxy servers are built area-specific, i.e., only provide access to websites of a particular geographic location (usually a country). However, with Oxylabs Residential Proxies, the user gets global coverage with city-level targeting available as well.

How to use Oxylabs Residential Proxies

Proxy servers mostly come with a list of available proxies which the user calibrates and tries to access the desired web page. With Oxylabs Residential Proxies, there is no such need. Here, the user uses a single endpoint that assigns a pre-checked residential proxy to their connection automatically. In simple words, all they need to do is to integrate with the proxy and continue accessing any web page they want to.

How Oxylabs Residential Proxies help your business


Usage of proxy servers for growth hacking has been quite popular in recent times as they provide businesses with analytics from an unusual source. However, most proxy servers cannot live up to the potential thanks to certain limitations in their ergonomics. Residential Proxies by Oxylabs do not fall into the same category. They are extremely beneficial for all kinds of businesses. Here’s how:

  • Brand protection: Anonymity is possibly the most useful trait of a proxy server. While low-quality servers are sometimes on edge for user information leaks, Oxylabs Residential Proxies are completely immune from them.
  • Market research: Competitors take full measures to block you from obtaining intel on their data. Blocking your IP addresses is one of these measures. With Oxylabs Residential Proxies, you can bypass this problem and start analyzing their data.
  • Ad verification: Ads play a huge role in the success of any online business. More ad clicks your website gets, the more your ad revenue. However, sometimes users of a particular region are unable to see your ads. With Residential Proxies by Oxylabs, you can detect such discrepancies and improve your overall ad performance.
  • Travel fare aggregation: Travel fare aggregation is a quite useful benefit of Oxylabs Residential Proxies as it is a statistic that is blocked by most websites from being accessible by bots. Here, aggregators collect data from sources such as hotel and flight company websites and online travel agencies.


Investing in a proxy server always comes with plenty of hesitance. Furthermore, they are still quite a niche, which means that it is extremely difficult to put a price tag on them. This makes many providers hike up the price for their servers without providing a valuable experience. On the other hand, Residential Proxies by Oxylabs are quite affordable and come with multiple plans for its users. These plans include:

  • Entry ($15 per GB): This is the most basic plan available. It has 20 GB space, city-level targeting, and a minimum monthly commitment of $300 mandatory.
  • Basic ($12 per GB): This is the second tier plan available. It also comes with city-level targeting with 50 GB of space. The minimum monthly commitment here is $600.
  • Pro ($9 per GB): This plan comes with 100 GB of space, city-level targeting, and a min. A monthly commitment of $900.
  • Enterprise ($5 per GB): This is the top of the line plan for Residential Proxies by Oxylabs. It comes with 1 TB space alongside city-level targeting and $5,000 min—monthly commitment.