Working in the construction business, it’s hard to embrace everything, especially when it comes to heavy-duty trucks. And that’s where Pro Group Equipment comes to back you up. Our company offers heavy-duty trucks and equipment for rent. Featuring the best prices on the market and flawless customer service, we guarantee your experience exceeds your expectations.

On our website, you can rent vehicles for different projects, including forestry, cable placement, and railroad construction. Regardless of whether you work in the commercial or municipal industry, we can help you get all the heavy-duty equipment you may need.

Who Are We? More about PGE Rentals

PGE Rentals destroys stereotypes about women in construction because this business is owned and run by a woman with 20+ years of experience in this sphere. PGE Rentals was launched in 2020 in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Within the two years that the company has been in the market, it has proven its reliability and high standards of quality and customer service.

A team of employees is dedicated to serving their clients in the best way possible so that everyone benefits from such cooperation. The company’s policy relies on the three principles that aim to bring it to success. They are:

  • Attending to the needs of their customers;
  • Guaranteeing quality work and service;
  • Working harder to become better every new day.

What Type of Truck Rent Do We Offer?

The fleet of PGE Rentals comprises light-duty vehicles, like pickup trucks, as well as all sorts of heavy-duty vehicles. Whatever heavy-duty trucks your new project requires, we’ve got you covered. Our company offers on-rail and off-rail vehicles for rent. Here are some of the trucks we have in our fleet:

  • Cable placer;
  • Dump truck;
  • Platform truck;
  • Bucket truck;
  • Flatbed truck;
  • Knuckle boom truck;
  • Digger derrick truck;
  • Excavators, and more.

You can look up the diversity of vehicles we offer at our website Once you find the one you need, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Why Should I Rent from PGE Rentals?

The rivalry in the market of heavy-duty truck rental is growing, so we work hard to be ahead of our competitors and ensure our customers get service and vehicles exceeding their expectations. What about other reasons to Choose PGE Rental? Oh, we’ve got plenty!

  • Large truck fleet for various construction projects;
  • The best prices for heavy-duty truck rent;
  • Personalized and client-centered service;
  • Vehicle supply throughout North America;
  • Dedicated team of managers working for you;
  • Work with professionals in the sphere.

Bottom Line

Now you shouldn’t refuse projects involving heavy-duty truck work. With PGE Rentals, you can get any type of vehicle you need for your work to be quality and productive. With the best prices and a great selection of items for rent, PGE Rentals is always a good choice.